[ CLOSED ] [FINISHED Thank you!] Huge Chicago Midway Fly-Out! Over 40 Gates! @ KMDW 141900ZSEP19

There may be planes approaching KMDW or KORD. I’ve seen in the past, a number of planes fly into/out of KORD on TS. Maybe they want to practice some Approach work too? Also, your other ATC may miss the event (happened to me before), so it doesn’t hurt having someone else as an ATC to potentially fill another position. There’s no harm in letting them work the Approach desk.

Alright I’ll switch him
( But how can one be approach and departure at the same time? )

I do it all the time. Approch/depature count as half of my ATC operations

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One can work inbounds and one work outbounds. No harm. If they want practice, it’s good for everyone. Plus, an additional controller never hurts, as I mentioned above.

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Can I switch from B23 to B07 if possible?


Sure thing!

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can i have gate A03 , porter q400 to toronto ?? 😊😊

sure thing!

5 More days!

Hello 😊✌️ can I have gate B10, Southwes to Newark, please?

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Sure thing!

4 Days!

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3 Days

2 Days

1 day!!

I’ll have this. Thank you! 🙂

Alight your name is down, enjoy the event!

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If noone takes ground I will also do ground

@Everything_Matthew could I be gourds and tower? I am TSATC so I will be able to handle the aircraft. I can also confirm that @jackaviation is not part of TSATC.

I can handle the aircraft too @Lil_Qaz I’m willing to let you take ground but it isn’t cool to undermine someone