[ CLOSED ] [FINISHED Thank you!] Huge Chicago Midway Fly-Out! Over 40 Gates! @ KMDW 141900ZSEP19

Nice! I’ll put your name down.

I’ll take Gate B15 to Denver.

What is the Mustard livery? No Mustard or old (retro?) SW liveries in IF at the moment.

Ok I’m putting your name down. Mustard is the Retro Brown livery.

( I thought most people called it the mustard livery :/ )

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We switched it to Training due to all the confusion so if you are feeling up to it you can come.

B08 to San Juan

Alrighty, There ya go

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I’ll take B11 to Cincinnati, thank you!

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Ok your gate is here.

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Tower then please

Its called Desert Gold. The other liveries are Canyon Blue and Heart

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Ok your name Is down

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TBM 930 to K1HO

I’ll put you down for GA 1

As much as I’d like to be ATC either way, I won’t be for training server. You’re just out of luck as I take my IFATC Written test on this day 😂


Gate B01To Atlanta please.

There’s no ATIS for training server, so take that out and add approach and departure. Put me in approach and departure please.

@Matthew_Park your name is down.
And you too @KennedyTurner

Alright your name is down. :)

Can you put me down for approach too?

There really is no reason to since we have no planes arriving.

Correct me if im wrong.