[ CLOSED ] [FINISHED Thank you!] Huge Chicago Midway Fly-Out! Over 40 Gates! @ KMDW 141900ZSEP19

Yay its my first event :D
Welcome to Chicago midway airport the (other) airport in Chicago. Most of the airport is occupied by southwest. With some small airlines taking the other parts.

Server: Training

Airport: KMDW

Time: *2019-09-14T18:00:00Z

Old Livery is Canyon Blue

NOTAM: 1. Please use the livery you are assigned
2. please don’t takeoff on 31L/13R unless you are a GA plane
3. If ATC is not present please use Unicom correctly


Ground: @Lil_Qaz
Tower: @Lil_Qaz
Departure/Apporach: @KennedyTurner

Concourse A ( Volaris, Porter,Delta, and Southwest)
Gate Airline Aircraft Livery Destination Pilot
A01 Volaris A319 Volaris Guadalajara
A02 Volaris A319. Volaris Durango
A03 Porter Q400. Porter Toronto Bishop @AryaTheLivingMeme
A04A SW 737. Old. Nashville
A04B SW 737. New. Kansas City
A05 Delta. 738. Delta. Atlanta.
A07. Delta CRJ9. Delta C Minneapolis
A09. Delta CRJ9. Delta C. Detroit.
A11. SW. 737. New. Las Vegas. .
A12. Delta. 717 . Delta. Detroit
A13. SW. 737. old. Cancun. @Cooper
A14. SW. 738. New. Phoenix. .
A15. SW. 737. Old. Seattle. .
A16. SW. 737. Old. Cleveland.
A17. SW. 737. New Salt lake city .
A18 SW. 738. Old. SFO. .
A19. SW. 737. Desert Gold. PDX. .
Concourse B ( Southwest )
Gate. Airline Aircraft Livery Destination Pilot.
B01. SW. 737. New Atlanta. @Matthew_Park
B02. SW. 737. old. New Orleans .
B03. SW. 738. New. Philadelphia. .
B05. SW. 737. New. San Jose. .
B07. SW. 737. Desert Gold Oakland. . @MonkeyManofLife
B08. SW. 737. New. San Juan. . @Neuse
B09. SW. 738. Old. Jacksonville. .
B10. SW. 737. New. Newark. . @Vitor_Silva
B11. SW. 737. Illinois one Cincinnati . @majhz
B12. SW. 738. New. LAX. @Adam_Goodman
B14. SW. 737. New. Charlotte. . @VerifiedNub
B15. SW. 738. New. Denver. . @IF515
B16. SW. 738. Old. Montego Bay .
B17. SW. 737. New. Fort Myers . @cirrusdriver
B18. SW. 738. New. Washington National .
B19. SW. 737. New. Detroit. .
B20. SW. 737. New. Baltimore. .
B21. SW. 737. Old. Louisville. .
B22. SW. 737. Old. New York LGA .
B23. SW. 738. New. Omaha. @alfnat
B24. SW. 737. New. Providence. .
B25. SW. 737. New. Punta Cana. .
B26. SW. 737. Old. Tuscon. .
Concourse C ( Ultimate Air Charter )
Gate. Airline Aircraft Livery Destination Pilot
C01. UAC. CessnaX Private 5 Cincinnati .
C02. UAC. CessnaX Private 5 Cincinnati. .
C03. UAC. CessnaX Private 5. Manistee .
GA Gates

| Gate | Aircraft | Livery | Destination | Pilot |

  1. | TBM 930 |. ??? |. Creve Couer |. @United2 |. |
  2. | TBM930 |. |. Planespotting |. @Everything_Matthew |. |
  3. | |. |. |. |. |
  4. | |. |. |. |. |

For the GA gates please use planes smaller then the Cessna Citation

Cya there!

Picture credit to " Chicago Eater "


Ill do Ground and Tower

This is on the Expert Sercer. You have to be IFATC and given permission by Tyler Sheldon :).

I doubt anyone will be ATC.

Id love to join B23 to Omaha.

Please choose one.

Alright Im moving it to training sever. :)

Alright you are in!

Could i be atc I am a part of TSATC

Uh Ok which ATC would you like to be?

Ground and tower please.

Wait a second sorry for the confusion I moving this back to Expert Sever since I misread @Ecoops123 post

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Ok then? Sorry I can’t make the event.

You were talking about the ATC not the event itself, right?

Yes he was.

Alright, My bad.
So he was talking about the event

So just to confirm the event is on the training sever?

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Can I take B12 to LAX

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At this point we don’t know. ( we’ll cross that runway when we taxi to it )

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Got it, your name is down.

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I’ll come in and do B14 to Charlotte.