[Closed] [Finished] [Partnered with United Virtual!] [46 Attending] Lets Fill Chicago O'Hare! 092000ZNOV19

Cool I’ll take 737-700 united to lag in b

Alright! Gate B09!

Yes, just I switched you to gate H05 and it’s on a 737-800 if that’s okay?


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If you choose the EHAM KLM gate from now on, you will have a choice between the 747 previously used on the route, and a 777-200ER, now used on it.

Sign up! Two weeks left!

Let’s aim for 50 attendees!


Since UVA is sponsoring, Terminal 1 will push back first, followed by Terminal 2 Concourse F. After planes have cleared, Terminal 2 Concourse E and Terminal 3 Concourse G will push back. After that, Terminal 3 Concourse H and K, along with Terminal 5, will push back. Terminal 3 Concourse L will push back last. All cargo flights will depart with Terminal 1.

Can I have gate G21 (terminal 3, concourse G) to KTVC on a CRJ-700 with Skywest.

For sure! See you there!

Only two weeks left to sign up. Sign up closes 30 minutes prior to the event!

We need attendees! Don’t be shy to sign up!

Only one and a half weeks left!

Can i have this please?

Sure! I will add you!

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Thank you!

Down to just over one week! Don’t be shy to sign up!

Can I have B12 on the 739 to MMUN?

Yep! You got it!

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Awesome! Can’t wait! Thanks again!

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