[Closed] [Finished] [Partnered with United Virtual!] [46 Attending] Lets Fill Chicago O'Hare! 092000ZNOV19

Can I get E13 to SLC please?

I’d Love to be a sponsor!

For sure! What is the airline?

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Added! Thanks!

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Private Flying Group

I’d love to come but unfortunately I would be unable to. But good luck! KORD is a huge airport… so I hope you succeed in filling it 😆


G’day, I’m CEO of Private Flying Group, this was not discussed internally and we are currently being reviewed. I’m sorry to inform you that we will not be partnering with any VA until we are fully approved and set up.


-Qantas094 - CEO Of Private Flying Group

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Alright, thanks for informing me!


I’ll join if you have another, I’m going on vacation on November 20TH and I have to wake up at 1:00AM

This event is 11 days before that!

I’ll take a gate to San Jose with the American B738, please!

I get mixed up with this

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Its alright! Do you want a gate?

Gate H06, Thanks!

So I’ll take a cargo gate in a 757 ups to Louisville

Just to confirm it’s on November…?

Yep, November 9th!

I put you down! Always love to see people taking cargo gates!

I have you on Southeast Cargo Stand 08.


Ok sorry I said Louisville I thought it was whatever aircraft and destination

My bad, Stand 06 then. MD-11F unless you want me to change to a 757.

It’s fine. I’ll fly to the destination with the 757

It’s not your fault. Mate

Alright, thanks!