[Closed] [Finished] [Partnered with United Virtual!] [46 Attending] Lets Fill Chicago O'Hare! 092000ZNOV19

nice shots

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Thanks! I decided to take screenshots of this event. These are my only ones, though. Should’ve taken some from tower views and at the gate too but oh well 😂

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It’s all good. I was slow to pushback so I didn’t get in the pictures. Hope everyones flights are going well. I just got to Cruise :)

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I just landed mine. I was literally last minute to join this event so I just decided to do a short hop to Milwaukee, took about 20 minutes

lol nice. Still fun tho

Please check out some of my future events. Here is a link to one:

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I also have a MCO and TPA Flyout in the new year as well as an IAD flyout a few weeks after.

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Sorry guys, I had an emergency. Spawning in now.

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What flight are you operating?

united yyc flight

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oh ok. have a good flight!

This winds are something else, I think I may need to stop and load up more fuel.

Really strong wind on takeoff. But I am on my way to YYC

Was fun seeing a bunch of players and having a calm and collected Unicom! Definitely going to signup for other fly outs. Thanks for hosting.

No problem! I hope to see you all at future fly outs as I want to make them really big!

Maybe we can make it so big that IFATC will wish they’d done an event…


anyone land at they’re destination yet?

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Nope, 4 hours away with 3 hours of fuel!

Thats not good. Where you heading @Southern_Aviator?

Frankfurt, just now hitting the ocean!

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oh ok. Im heading to Las Vegas. half hour to go!