[Closed] [Finished] [Partnered with United Virtual!] [46 Attending] Lets Fill Chicago O'Hare! 092000ZNOV19

Thank you!

Down to just over one week! Don’t be shy to sign up!

Can I have B12 on the 739 to MMUN?

Yep! You got it!

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Awesome! Can’t wait! Thanks again!

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pls could i have the flight to hong kong cathay pacfic

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We are down to one week until the event!

I’ll take the united flight to KPIT please (B11)
I may need to change aircraft to A320 to standby for that

For sure!

The A320 normally runs that route so you can have it! If you want a 737-800 that is also possible.

H11B American EGLL 787-9. Is it still open? If so sign me up!!

It sure is! It’s all yours!

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Hi! I am going to be out of town and unable to attend this event.

Alright! I’ll remove you.

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UVA has A320 and B739 on that route so that’s why

Okay. Just tell me before the event if you want to switch and it can happen!

Remember, UVA Pilots can substitute any applicable aircraft on any applicable route!

Plenty of gates still available! Please sign up!

Five days left to sign up!