[Closed] [Finished] [Partnered with United Virtual!] [46 Attending] Lets Fill Chicago O'Hare! 092000ZNOV19

Server: Expert

Airport: KORD

Time: *2000Z 2019-11-09T20:00:00Z

NOTAM: None Yet

We will be travelling to Chicago O’Hare Airport! O’Hare is the third busiest airport in the United States in terms of passenger traffic and is a hub for United Airlines and American Airlines! It has lots of runways and is overall a fun airport to physically fly out of! All routes are based off of real life routes. Some aircraft replacements have been made due to a lack of a certain aircraft. Sponsors are wanted for this event!

This event is now coordinated with the Aspen flyout!

United Virtual offers diverse routes with their twelve hubs and is always looking for amazing pilots to join their VA. Interested? Apply here!

Please consult with the list below to select your gate!

Terminal 1
Concourse B (United, United Express, Lufthansa) (11 Remaining)
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
B01 United Express (GoJet) KMYR CRJ-700
B02 United CYYC 737-800 @Alex_L
B03A United KIAD 757-200
B04 United KFLL 737-900ER @10R80_Daily
B05 United KPDX 737-900ER @Gavin_cx
B06 United KTPA 737-900ER
B07 United KLAX 757-200
B08 United KCLE 737-700
B09 United KLGA 737-700 @King_Tom1278
B10 United KMCO 737-900ER @UnitedGuy19
B11 United KPIT 737-900ER
B12 United MMUN 737-900ER @Captain_T_Malone
B14 United MYNN 737-800
B16 Lufthansa EDDF 747-8 @Southern_Aviator
B17 United PHNL 777-200ER @Sam73628
B18 United KSMF A320-200 @CAKnights09
B19 United KALB A320-200
B20 United MDPC 737-900ER
B21 United KSAT 737-700
B22 United KMSY A320-200 @KennedyTurner
B23 United Express (GoJet) KTUL CRJ-550
B24 United Express (GoJet) KGRR CRJ-550
Concourse C (United, United Express)
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
C01 United Express (GoJet) KDSM CRJ-700
C02 United Express (SkyWest) KBDL E170
C03 United Express (GoJet) KOMA CRJ-700 @Thunderbolt
C04 United Express (GoJet) KSTL CRJ-700
C05 United Express (GoJet) KRDU CRJ-700
C06 United Express (GoJet) KVPS CRJ-700
C07 United Express (GoJet) KSYR CRJ-700
C08 United Express (GoJet) KCLT CRJ-700
C09 United EHAM 767-300ER
C10A United MMMX A320-200 @JuanCrafter_Pro
C10C United Express (GoJet) KORF CRJ-700
C11 United MMZH 737-800
C15 United KRSW 737-900ER
C16 United RJAA 777-200ER
C17 United EGLL 767-300ER
C18 United EDDM 777-200ER @Eugene_Leybovich
C19 United KEWR 757-200
C20 United SBGR 777-200ER @Neto_Campelo
C21 United KBUF 737-700
C22 United KTUC 737-800
C23 United KPHX 737-900ER
C24 United TJSJ 737-900ER
C25 United KROC 737-700
C26 United MMPR 737-800
C27 United KCMH 737-900ER
C28 United KSFO 737-900ER
C29 United KIAH 737-900ER
C30 United KDEN 737-900ER
C31 United KSJC A320-200 @GlobalFlyer1
Terminal 2
Concourse E (United, United Express, Delta, Delta Connection, Air Canada Express
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
E01 United Express (SkyWest) MMMY E170
E02 Air Canada Express (Sky Regional) CYYZ E175
E03 Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYVR CRJ-900
E04 United Express (GoJet) KGSO CRJ-550
E05 United Express (Air Wisconsin) KCHA CRJ-200
E06 United Express (Republic) KGJT E-170
E07 Delta Connection (GoJet) KRDU CRJ-700
E08 United MROC 737-800
E09 Delta Connection (Endeavor) KJFK CRJ-900
E10 United CYYZ 737-700
E11 Delta KATL 717-200 @ThomasThePro
E12 Delta KSLC A319-100
E13 Delta KMSP 717-200
E14 Delta KSEA 737-800 @TheDeltaFlyerr
E15 Delta Connection (Endeavor) KCVG CRJ-200
E16 Delta KATL A321-200 @Captain_Tank
E17 Delta Connection (GoJet) KDTW CRJ-700 @Brenden_Hirsch
Concourse F (United Express)
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
F01 United Express (GoJet) KMSN CRJ-550
F02 United Express (SkyWest) KBHM CRJ-200
F03 United Express (Air Wisconsin) KFAR CRJ-200
F04 United Express (Air Wisconsin) KSAV CRJ-200
F05 United Express (Air Wisconsin) KGSP CRJ-200
F06 United Express (SkyWest) KMBS CRJ-200
F07 United Express (ExpressJet) KDCA E170
F08 United Express (SkyWest) KABQ CRJ-700
F09 United Express (GoJet) KDFW CRJ-700
F10 United Express (SkyWest) KAVL CRJ-700
F11 United Express (GoJet) KMDT CRJ-550
F12 United Express (GoJet) KJAX CRJ-700
F14 United Express (SkyWest) KROA CRJ-700
F15 United Express (Republic) KMCI E170
F17 United Express (SkyWest) CYWG CRJ-200
F19 United Express (SkyWest) KSBN CRJ-200 @Bren_McDonell
F20 United Express (SkyWest) KAVP CRJ-200
F21 United Express (Air Wisconsin) KLEX CRJ-200
F23 United Express (SkyWest) KBTV CRJ-200
F24 United Express (Air Wisconsin) KOGS CRJ-200
F25 United Express (Air Wisconsin) KCAE CRJ-200
F26 United Express (Air Wisconsin) KAZO CRJ-200
F27 United Express (SkyWest) KCOS CRJ-700
F28 United Express (Air Wisconsin) KMKE CRJ-200
Terminal 3
Concourse G (American Eagle, Alaska, JetBlue)
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
G01A American Eagle (Envoy) KCOU CRJ-700
G01B American Eagle (Envoy KPWM CRJ-700
G01C American Eagle (SkyWest) KCWA CRJ-200
G02A JetBlue KJFK E190 @majhz
G04 Alaska KSEA 737-900ER
G05 American Eagle (SkyWest) KMHK CRJ-200
G06B American Eagle (SkyWest) KJLN CRJ-200
G07 American Eagle (SkyWest) KRST CRJ-200
G08 American Eagle (Envoy) KGSP CRJ-700
G09 American Eagle (Envoy) KASE CRJ-700
G10 American Eagle (Envoy) KBZN CRJ-700
G11 American Eagle (SkyWest) KMHT CRJ-700
G12 American Eagle (SkyWest) KHPN CRJ-700
G13 American Eagle (SkyWest) KUNV CRJ-200 @NoahM
G14 American Eagle (SkyWest) KBTV CRJ-200
G14A American Eagle (SkyWest) KORF CRJ-200
G16 American Eagle (SkyWest) KDBQ CRJ-200
G17 American Eagle (SkyWest) KEVV CRJ-200
G18 American Eagle (Envoy) KJAX CRJ-700
G19 American Eagle (SkyWest) KMEM CRJ-700
G19A American Eagle (SkyWest) CYYZ CRJ-700
G20 American Eagle (SkyWest) KXNA CRJ-200
G21 American Eagle (SkyWest) KTVC CRJ-700 @Destroyer350
Concourse H (American)
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
H01A American Eagle (SkyWest) KCHO CRJ-200
H01B American Eagle (SkyWest) KFSD CRJ-200
H02 American Eagle (Envoy) KDRO CRJ-700
H03A American Eagle (SkyWest) KCAK CRJ-700
H03B American KPHX A321-200
H04 American KMIA 737-800
H05 American KPIT 737-800 @Tyler_Cehelsky
H06 American KSJC 737-800 @BigBert10
H08 American KBWI 737-800
H09 American KJFK 737-800
H10 American KFLL 737-800
H11A American KDCA 737-800
H11B American EGLL 787-9 @EpicNYC04
H12 American KTPA 737-800 @VerifiedNub
H14 American KRDU 737-800
H15 American LGAV 787-9 @Matthew_20204
H17 American KBOS 737-800
H18 American KMCI 737-800
Concourse K (American, Japan Air Lines)
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
K01 American KCLT A321-200 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
K02 American Eagle (Envoy) KCMH CRJ-700
K03 American TJSJ 737-800
K04 American KPSP 737-800
K05 American KPBI 737-800
K06 American MMSD 737-800
K08 American KSMF 737-800
K09 American LEBL 787-9 @Captain_Oblivious
K10 American KTUS 737-800
K12 Japan Air Lines RJAA 777-200ER
K13X American LIRF 787-9 @janksadam
K15 American KAUS 737-800 @Evanpilot16
K16 American EBBR MD-11
K18 American MKJS 737-800
K19X American ZSPD 787-9
K20 American CYVR 737-800 @Kirby_D
Concourse L (American, American Eagle, Spirit)
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
L01 American Eagle (Envoy) KLEX CRJ-700
L02A American Eagle (SkyWest) KTOL CRJ-200
L02C American Eagle (SkyWest) KSDF CRJ-200
L03 American Eagle (SkyWest) KCLE CRJ-700
L04 American Eagle (SkyWest) KTUL CRJ-700
L05 Spirit KLAS A321-200
L06 American Eagle (SkyWest) KSGF CRJ-200
L07 Spirit KMCO A321-200
L08 American KSAT 737-800
L09 Spirit KFLL A321-200
L10 American Eagle (Envoy) KPWM CRJ-700
L10A American Eagle (Envoy) KGPI CRJ-700
L10B American Eagle (SkyWest) KILM CRJ-700
L10C American Eagle (SkyWest) KGSO CRJ-200
L11 American Eagle (SkyWest) CYUL CRJ-200
L20 American Eagle (SkyWest) KSUX CRJ-200
L21 American Eagle (SkyWest) KMLI CRJ-200
L22 American Eagle (Envoy) KLIT CRJ-700
L23 American Eagle (SkyWest) KCID CRJ-200
L24 American Eagle (SkyWest) CYQB CRJ-700
Terminal 5 (International Airlines and Frontier)
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
M01 Air New Zealand NZAA 787-9 @mark.gregor.jaaska
M02 Volaris MMGL A319-100
M03 Air France LFPG 777-200ER @Adam.Playz
M04 All Nippon RJTT 777-200ER
M05 AeroMexico MMMX 737-700
M06 Copa Airlines MPTO 737-800 @Carlo-Espino10
M07 SWISS LSZH A330-300
M08 Turkish Airlines LTFM 777-300ER
M09 Qatar OTHH 777-300ER @TransportForLife
M10 Ethiopian HAAB 787-8
M11 British Airways EGLL A380-800 @JWFANMLG
M12 Qantas YBBN 787-9 @Adam_Goodman
M13 Emirates OMDB 777-300ER
M15 Etihad OMAA 777-300ER
M16 Cathay Pacific VHHH 777-300ER
M17 KLM EHAM 747-400 @Speedyyy
M18 Icelandair BIKF 757-200
M19 Frontier KDEN A320-200
M20 Frontier KPHX A320-200
M21 Frontier MDPC A320-200
M22 LOT Polish EPWA 787-8
M23 Norwegian EGKK 787-9
M24 SAS ESSA A330-300 @SwedishFlyer
M25 Aer Lingus EIDW A330-300
South Central Cargo
Stand Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
01 Nippon Cargo EDFH 747-8F
02 Nippon Cargo PANC 747-8F
03 Nippon Cargo CYEG 747-8F
04 Boeing Freight KBFI 747-8F
South East Cargo
Stand Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
01 Qatar Freight OTHH 777-200F
04 National Charter Service KAUS 767-300
06 UPS KSDF 757-200F @Helicopterzzz
07 DHL CYYC 757-200F
08 UPS KLCK 757-200F
09 DHL KJFK 757-200F
10 UPS KDFW 757-200F
11 DHL KCVG 757-200F
12 Lufthansa Cargo EDDF MD-11F @Ali_Naaman
13 DHL KEWR 757-200F
14 Lufthansa Cargo KATL MD-11F
15 DHL PANC 757-200F
17 Turkish Cargo LTBA A330-200F
18 Aerologic EDDK 777-200F
19 LATAM Cargo (LAN) SCEL 777-200F
21 CargoLux ELLX 747-8F
23 CargoLux VHHH 747-8F
25 CargoLux ZHCC 747-8F
27 Emirates SkyCargo EHBK 777-200F
South West Cargo
Stand Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
01 FedEx KEWR MD-11F
02 FedEx KLAX DC-10F
03 FedEx KAFW MD-11F
04 FedEx KMEM DC-10F
05 FedEx Feeder KMKE C208
06 FedEx KSEA 777-200F
07 FedEx KLAX MD-11F
08 FedEx KOAK MD-11F
09 FedEx KMEM MD-11F
North East Cargo
Stand Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
01 Korean Air Cargo PANC 777-200F
02 China Cargo Airlines KATL 777-200F
03 China Southern Cargo ZSPD 777-200F
04 Atlas Air RKSI 747-400
05 Atlas Air PANC 747-400
06 Atlas Air KMIA 747-400
07 Cathay Pacific Cargo PANC Passenger 747-400
08 Air Bridge Cargo UUDD 747-8F
09 Air Bridge Cargo EHAM 747-8F
10 Air Bridge Cargo ELLX 747-8F
11 Qantas Freight PHNL Passenger 747-400F
General Aviation
Stand Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain
ORD 01
ORD 02
ORD 03
ORD 04

Thanks and I hope to see you there!


Can I get E13 to SLC please?

I’d Love to be a sponsor!

For sure! What is the airline?

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Added! Thanks!

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Private Flying Group

I’d love to come but unfortunately I would be unable to. But good luck! KORD is a huge airport… so I hope you succeed in filling it 😆


G’day, I’m CEO of Private Flying Group, this was not discussed internally and we are currently being reviewed. I’m sorry to inform you that we will not be partnering with any VA until we are fully approved and set up.


-Qantas094 - CEO Of Private Flying Group

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Alright, thanks for informing me!


I’ll join if you have another, I’m going on vacation on November 20TH and I have to wake up at 1:00AM

This event is 11 days before that!

I’ll take a gate to San Jose with the American B738, please!

I get mixed up with this

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Its alright! Do you want a gate?

Gate H06, Thanks!

So I’ll take a cargo gate in a 757 ups to Louisville

Just to confirm it’s on November…?

Yep, November 9th!

I put you down! Always love to see people taking cargo gates!

I have you on Southeast Cargo Stand 08.


Ok sorry I said Louisville I thought it was whatever aircraft and destination

My bad, Stand 06 then. MD-11F unless you want me to change to a 757.

It’s fine. I’ll fly to the destination with the 757

It’s not your fault. Mate