[CLOSED] Fill up and fly out @ YSSY - 250900ZNOV17

Server: Expert

Region: let me think about that…

Airport: YSSY

Time: 0900Z

1. Choose a route below
2. Comment which route you’re taking and I’ll assign you a gate (according to gate sizes)**
3. Show up with your plane at your gate at 0900Z**
4. Fly out from Sydney at 0910Z

Fill up Sydney! We’re going to fill up Sydney Kingsford on Saturday 25th with real world flights. Hope you can make it!

Short flight

YSSY - YMML Jetstar A320 (approx. 1h 10min)
Sydney - Melbourne

YSSY - YCFS QantasLink Dash-8 (approx. 1h)
Sydney - Coffs Harbour

YSSY - YSWG QantasLink Dash-8 (approx. 1h)
Sydney - Wagga Wagga @anon88794458 !!!

YSSY - YBBN: Jetstar A320 (approx. 1h 30min)
Sydney - Brisbane

Medium Haul

YSSY - NZAA: (3h 30min)
Air New Zealand 787-9 / A320 / 777
Qantas 767
Jetstar A320
Sydney to Auckland

YSSY - YPDN Jetstar A320 (approx. 4h 30min)
Sydney - Darwin

YSSY - NZQN (approx. 3h 15min)
Jetstar A320
Air New Zealand A320
Sydney - Queenstown

YSSY - YPPH (approx. 4h 45min)
Jetstar A320
Sydney - Perth

Long Haul/ ULH

YSSY - PHNL Jetstar 787-8 (approx. 9h 30min)
Sydney - Honolulu

YSSY - KLAX (approx. 13h 30min)
Delta 777-200LR
Qantas A380
United 787-9
American Airlines 787-9
Virgin Australia 777-300ER
Sydney - Los Angeles

YSSY - KDFW (approx. 16h)
Qantas A380
Sydney - Dallas

YSSY - OMDB (approx. 14h 30 min)
Qantas A380
Emirates A380
Sydney - Dubai

YSSY - RJTT (approx. 9h 30 min)
Qantas 747-400
All Nippon 787-9
Sydney - Tokyo

YSSY - KSFO (approx. 12h 30min)
United 787-9
Qantas - 747-400
Sydney - San Francisco

YSSY - VHHH (approx. 9h)
Cathay Pacific 777-300ER
Qantas 747-400
Sydney - Hong Kong

YSSY - CYVR (approx. 14h 30min)
Air Canada 777-200LR
Sydney - Vancouver

@Panther T2-08 YSSY - YSWG (DH8D)

@anon88794458 Gate: T2-09 YSSY - YSWG (DH8D)

@Cameron_M T2-10 YSSY - YSWG (DH8D)

@B747fan Gate: T2-03 YSSY - NZAA (B789)

@Chris_Peralez: T1-08 YSSY - KLAX (A380)

@Kyle.Plane: T2-05 YSSY - KLAX (77W)

@Music_Usachev_s T2-49 YSSY - NZAA (777-300ER)

@Bram_van_Keulen T2-53 YSSY - CYVR (77L)

@Ark_of_Ahmed.IF T2-55YSSY - WSSS (777-300ER)

If there is a real world flight that isn’t shown here, you may request it and I’ll check and add it in!


Nice Job @Panther ! Count me in for my short hop to hometown!


Because this thread is so quiet, I’m concerned that no one wants to attend. To clear my nerves, I’ve created this poll:

  • I will attend
  • I’m thinking about attending
  • I won’t attend.

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Sign me up YSSY-NZAA in an Air New Zealand 787-9


Thanks, will get you a gate shortly

Sign me up long haul flight Sydney - Los Angelas
Qantas Airbus A380

Callsign: Qantas 56


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Thanks, I’m just finalising a few things. I’ll get you a gate ASAP :)

I’ll come.
YSSY-VHHH CX 77W. Callsign Cathay 100.

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Roger! Thank you. Got you a gate

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Would like to reserve the Route to Vancouver with the Air Canada 77L, though I might start a little later due to an otherwise rather early local arrival time :) Call sign will be Maple 34.

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I think the reason for the quiet responses is due to the server. Perhaps changing it to Training would attract more people.

I’d rather cancel this than changing to ts1

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sign me up qantas 787

I will be 777-300er new Zealand yssy-nzaa sign me up and what does the 250900ZNOV17 mean

That is when it is. 25th of Nov at 0900Z

Can you please reread the post. There is no Qantas 787 route.

But still, I can join?

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Hoping that everyone can make it. Less than 24 hours away. Looks like an 1/10th filled airport.

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Can I do Sydney - Singapore (YSSY - WSSS) in a Singapore 777-300ER?

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Yes! thank you. I’ll get you a gate

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