[Closed] Fighters in SoCal! @ KNUC - 171900ZOCT15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: SoCal

Airport: KNUC

Time: 2000Z

In this event we fly any fighter jet from KNUC up towards the mountains up the north of SoCal. We fly through the mountains and head towards Palm Springs, then we fly back to KNUC. For take-off we will have two aircraft at a time taking-off in formation, whoever you take-off with will then be the person you fly up north with, when we get up there we circle KPMD and wait for the others and then we all fly as close as possible to each other through the mountains. When we go out of the mountains we hook up with our original take-off buddy and fly back to KNUC.

(My) Callsign - Air Force 72
(My) Aircraft - F-16C



Also, there is no FPL. Just fly towards KPMD and follow me through the mountains. For the route back to KNUC, just follow you buddy. :)

Nice, I guess that means you pulled the trigger! Glad to see another IF-16 driver :)

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Yep! You popping along?

Around 30 minutes!

Sure, 30 min from now?

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7:00PM ZULU. So 25 minutes! Aircraft? Call sign?

It is currently only 18:36 ZULU. http://www.zulutime.net/

I’ll fuel up!

F-16, Vega31

Nah bruh! GMT is ZULU and in GMT it is 19:38.

Nice! C yah later!

Aircraft? Call sign?

Just wondering I don’t fly jets very well so is it ok to fly a c17

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GMT is currently 18:39. You’re an hour off. :)

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C-17 Is fine!

Thanks I’ll load in in 10 mins

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My call sign will be A13 heavy

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@AR_AR you coming or not? I’m British summer time so I’m an hour off, sorry.

Great! See you then!

I might have to leave early. So my apologies if I suddenly dissapear.

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