[Closed] Fighter Jet Race on Freeflight from KDEN to KASE

Its in the title, race from KDEN to KASE, starting point rwy 16R, all line up, whoever is first in Line gives command, that he is taking of…starting shoot for all…winner is who lands safe at KASE…
So, who is in?

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Is this now??

And which server

In 10-30 minutes, waiting for more people…will announce start here…

I’m up for that! Are you still going? (was charging my tablet)

Ahh closed, damn, catch ya another time then!

I’m ready, dont know about Jack. Maybe some synchronised/escort flying after?

ok, cya there

dont worry, another time! :)

@Captain_Skywalker ?
@LewisB1 ?

Are you guys on?

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Just replying to let you know I have noticed you! I’ve only just got back on my tablet and it’s 2:37am where I am, but if you’re available tomorrow anytime (beyond 9 hours from now), comment again - I will do my best to attend!

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