[Closed] FFS VATC (Zello) @ KLGB - 080010ZJUN16

I’ll be open for one or two hours from now on. Come join me in KLGB!
Heads up- this is my first time doing VTAC! So please be patient.

Zello : http://zello.me/k/eqwX92
KLGB Diagram : http://flightaware.com/resources/airport/LGB/APD/AIRPORT+DIAGRAM/pdf

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Thank you @Riley_Dunshea for moving this to Events category!

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Please put it in event format. For more info #live:events

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Wait I think it might be fine.

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Channel’s name is " IF Adv. ATC channel " .


Zello link seems to be wrong!
Here is the new link:

I wish I could join. Live doesn’t work at school though. I have free time for 20 mins.

Well, it’s a bummer :( Hope to see you later then!

Hahaha VTAC 😂

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Well… it seems I can’t edit since the post has moved to Live:events category…

I could for my own threads when I was in TL2… then whenever I did edit my thread moved to a higher level category, the system puts it back to General :3

Well… sucks to be a newb

That’s how it works! Haha

When you finally get to TL3, you’ll not have to worry about these anymore :))

Hope that day comes soon enough.

Yea! Anyways, so you can’t rename your title to VATC without the system moving your thread back to General?

I think so, unless mod comes and edit the title and the mistype in Zello link.

Or I think a Regular can do that too… @Nicholas_L?

No need to bother, there’s literally NOONE in FFS server. Perhaps I should’ve opened this in PG ATC server.

Well don’t be disappointed

Sometimes you have to master the time right

Remember, everyone here comes from various timezones ;)

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VATC is now closed. Any regular or mods, please edit the post for me since I don’t have permission to do so. Thank you!