[CLOSED] 'Feel the British Flair' @ EGLL - 172000ZAUG17

‘Feel the British Flair’ with BAVA - [17/08/2017]

checked Official approved British Airways Virtual Airlines Event

alarm Don’t forget the Event. Set a timer.

Server: Expert

Region: LONDON

Airport: EGNX

Time: 2000z

Aircraft Any British Airways Livery.

megaphone Event description

To celebrate our new look, we will be flying as a group from EGNX an original hub for our predecessor airlines and flying east towards the coast, down across the top of our BA1 hub and into EGLL, where some of our senior leaders will be assessing landings, ready to issue some promotions to our internal pilots.

British Airways VA, is really proud to continually build on our infrastructure and strive to provide the highest quality virtual airline and flying experience.

Join us now, grab a gate and we will see you in the skies, in what I hope will be one of our last events before global flight! We most certainly have some fantastic plans in place for that celebration event.

Even if you have no intention of joining us at BAVA, we would love to see you join us in your favourite BA livery.

map Event route

more than an airline (13)

airplane Event gates:

As we hope for a large turnout, gates won’t be allocated.

Thank you for taking part at this Event. For more information visit our Community Thread


This post is litty!!


I’ll be there for definite 👍

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Count me in for sure! 👍

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@LouDon Any specific aircraft and/or call sign??

Need one gate. Can i have one please

ONLY BA liveried aircraft and your 3 digit ‘Speedbird’ call sign if you are a pilot with us, a 4 digit one if guesting.


I’ll definitely try to make it

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This event is going to be lit.
Time to unleash my BA 747

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Hi,can I join using 787-9?

Any aircraft branded in BA colours.

Of course you can! Join the fun

ill be there!! for sure!

Im coming!!! A318 British Airways style

I will be there. Sounds a great event.

Event starts in 40 minutes, please spawn in slightly earlier and be ready to copy FPL from Harry cook (Speedbird 3). We will also be watching the landings and giving out promotions based upon them. Please follow Speedbird 2 (Myself) and follow the flight plan to the destination.


amazing, can’t wait.


A nice screenshot courtesy of LF of us on the way down to EGLL from EGNX. Great flight so far everyone!!


I spawned kinda late guys. Sorry for that.

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