[Closed] FedEx Express event Vol.2| Fly-out Memphis @KMEM – 021530ZMAR19

I think I’m going to take it off to not disturb anyone and just leave Zulu time, this time was for people who live on the east coast of america

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@Niccckk You’ve been added. See you there.
I’ll change your gates.

Call sign: Fedex024
aircraft: MD-11F
Destination: KMIA

You were added, thank you for joining us, I’ll see you there.

@JeromeJ @Niccckk @Jeffrey_Owens @MehdiMa0507 @pelicanjars @Oli5 @Olic99 @Edivan_dcds, Hi everyone, how are you, so I’ve had a lot of complaints about when the event should start, so I decided to put it to the vote, and the top vote will be the time the event starts.

  • event should start two hours early 1530Z
  • continue like this 1730Z
  • start two hours later 1930Z
  • others

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This event conflicts with the one here

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that’s why I wanted to change time, my event was posted before them, but they have more people than I, I even wanted to change the date, but I just thought I’d change time

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That’s why I wanted this event moved back.


so guys some people did not vote and others did not respond to my email, now it is very difficult to go under these conditions because the result is the same, I know there are not many people in the event but I hope that everyone can attend, I will change the time and It’s going to be 1530Z, thank you.
@JeromeJ @Niccckk @Jeffrey_Owens @MehdiMa0507 @pelicanjars @Oli5 @Olic99 @Edivan_dcds


Callsign: Fedex 438
Destination: KIND
Aircraft: MD-11F

Thank you

Destination: KMIA
Aircraft: MD-11

The thing is I saw that my VA has an event going in 2hours later. An special event because chief o British Airways VA is retired and now that’s a conflict with this one… damn what should I do…

Will there be a chat for this event?

we will not have because each one is going through a different place

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@Operator @simopoint you have been added, the event starts in 40 minutes, thanks

hi everyone, we will not have a chat because we are all going to different places, every conversation will be made here, the event starts in 40 minutes, if you can spawn 15 minutes before we start, I would appreciate it so we can take some photos
@JeromeJ @Niccckk @Jeffrey_Owens @MehdiMa0507 @pelicanjars @Oli5 @Olic99 @Edivan_dcds
@Operator @simopoint


I’m really sorry that I have cancel I’m really sad to cancel this flight cause I’m on the go and don’t have wifi. Please let me know when he next one will be!

What a pity to lose you in the last minute, and the next one will have the support of a VA, then there will be more people and I’ll let you know, thanks.

What is the runway going to be? 27 I guess?

I am assuming so. I just spawned in.