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Hello and welcome to Safi Aiways feature request.I know this airline ceased operation. But I oneced asked the devs in one of their insta posts and they said that they some times do add arlines that ceased operation.

Why I want this airline in IF?
Because there is no Airline from Afghanistan and it would be good to add it’s first airline into IF.
It has a very nice Livery as well.

About the Airline
Safi Airways was the first and largest privately owned airline from Afghanistan. The airline had its headquarters in Shahr-e-Naw, Kabul, Afghanistan, and administrative office in the Dubai Airport Free Zone.

The Airline operated 34 aircrafts throughout it’s history(I would like to have this livery on the aircrafts in the picture below it also operated more aircrafts but these are the ones that we have in IF we don’t have the other aircrafts that it flew) and flew to 18 destinations Afghanistan (5), Bahrain (1), Canada (1), Germany (2), India (2), Iran (2), Kuwait (1), Pakistan (2), Sadi Arabia (1), UAE (3).

For more visit []

(Safi Airways - Wikipedia)

I recommend that you narrow your request down to one plane, rather than the three pictured. Read up below to see what I’m referencing to - only one picture/request per topic. It’s a nice livery though, but you should be specific about what aircraft you desire.


Very interesting Feature, as you said it only flies to 18 destinations so do not know how accepted it will be… But definitely a very awesome and creative looking livery!
Happy Flying :D

Feel free to make a new request following all the features category rules.