[Closed] F1 transfer @ RJGG - 251100ZOCT19

emphasized textServer: Training

Airport: Nagoya

Route: NGO-MEX

Flight duration (day/night): Overnight

Flight time: 14-16 hours

Time: 1600Z


We depart on the 25th October and land on the 26th I know it sounds confusing but let me know if there’s any issues

Spawn in 20 mins pre-departure time for a briefing, flight plan and photo

Take care of high winds over the Pacific Ocean and altitudes with relevant speeds so you don’t overspeed or under speed and stall

Commercial Aircraft: 787-8 787-9 and
Livery for 787-8 Aeromexico
Livery for 787-9 Japan Airlines
Livery for 777-200ER All Nippon Airways
Cargo aircraft: 777F A330F
Livery for 777F: Emirates or Etihad I don’t mind
Livery for A330F: Any livery
Livery for MD11F: Fedex, World Airlines or Martinair Cargo
(No ATC we will use Unicom please be sensible)

Just because a gate is empty please don’t spawn at that gate all the gates below are exact so please spawn at that gate to avoid confusion when the event comes around

Gate 1:
Gate 2:
Gate 3:
Gate 4:
Gate 5:
Gate 6:
Gate 7:
Gate 8:
Gate 9:
Gate 10:

Cargo Gates:
Cargo 101:
Cargo 102:
Cargo 103:
Cargo 104:
Cargo 105:
Cargo 106:
Cargo 107:
Cargo 108:
Cargo 109:
Cargo 110:
Cargo 111:

Will add more gates if all those above get full!

Gates will be reserved for the flight and I will allocate you a gate once the research on the gates are done.

Feel free to invite people to make this event fun! Please make sure their grade 2 or higher!

I will be there

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Scratching my head

Like the journeys mostly over day unless we head straight to Austin for the next journey

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It has been changed to be a charter service for the people going to the race so it’s going to be overnight

You wanting a gate then?