[Closed] F-22 Race! @ TNCM - 292000ZDEC15

Server: Freeflight

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TNCM

Time: 2000Z

In this event we will race F-22s around the Caribbean. Starting at TNCM you have to fly to every airport and make your wheels touch the runway, order does not matter. The first back to TNCM wins!

See you there!

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So any particular route? I’ll come if I’m still free in 15 mins.

I might have to stop your plane drawing half way through to go to it. :/

Nope. Just do it. I dont mind about the drawing.

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Time changed to 2000Z for @Freddiefrogs

Why? I was all ready to go.

I can only make it if it is 20:00 or later. Sorry.

Can anyone coming please comment.

5 minutes!

I’m coming now. The title still says 1930 but you said five mins five mins ago…

Where’d ya go?

Event over. Only one person came, @Freddiefrogs. I think he won.

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What?! I never left! I was always on. Why did you end it?

Oh. I said you left… I’m having problems on my side. Error 04.

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I have no idea what Error 04 is…

there is a new post on it :)