[CLOSED] Evening Flight over the Straits! @ WSSS - 182000ZMAY17

Server: Training

Region: Singapore

Airport: WSSS

Time: 2000Z

Aircraft: Qantas Long-haul & Jetstar A320

NOTAM: Evening Flight over the Straits

Join Qantas Virtual for an Evening Flight from WSSS up the Singapore and Malacca Straights to KL, all welcome, great to see representatives from Singapore Virtual Airlines @sniperguy135 and also some long haul visitors including British Airways Virtual @LouDon16

Spawn at Terminal 1 at either a B or C gate from 1945Z, pushback soon after 2000Z. I will be using call sign QFA0014

Please follow ATC instructions where available and use published procedures for SID at WSSS and STAR at WMKK.

happy contrails and look forward to seeing you there in the virtual Sky!




We will be using the JOHOR BAHRU FOUR ALPHA or EIGHT BRAVO departure.

From 20R head out to w/p SUSIN before turning left for SABUG (be at 4000ft) before heading to AKOMA (above 7000) before finally heading towards JOHOR BAHRU VOR (Above 11000) to follow Airway A457 to Malacca VOR.

If using 02C (preferred if green both directions) then more straight forward! Head to SABUG (be at 4000ft) before heading to AKOMA (above 7000) before finally heading towards JOHOR BAHRU VOR (Above 11000) to follow Airway A457 to Malacca VOR.



From JOHOR BAHRU VOR head towards MALACCA VOR using Airway A457 then follow the NIPAR THREE ALPHA ARRIVAL for 32L

Cruise at FL240 @ 305kts IAS


From SAPAT proceed to NIPAR (220kts, 5300FT) then turn left for KIMAR (180kts) then line up for the ILS for 32L or 32R accordingly. Note keep to 160kts from 10nm to 4nm from touchdown


remember to keep your spacing and if you are being ATC please use the above instructions to follow the planned routing

Happy Contrails!


I didn’t even know you could execute these successfully in Infinite Flight, best of luck!

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The flight plan wasn’t that clear but I will try to figure it out

providing all the waypoints are in the flight area (which they are in this case) then of course you can fly these. It helps when the other pilots and also ATC are also aware of these so that they can also conform.

the beauty of using the filed approach is that ATC Centre and APR need to issue less instructions, more along lines of height, speed and occasional hold instructions rather than having to resort to the full vectoring as all pilots should have the same info.

One of my feature requests is that when you are making a flight plan and you enter a Waypoint on an Airport all the respective SID or STAR show up so you can select the one that you are planning to do then join up the rest of the flight plan. This would help on the flight planning level as well as with ATC so that they could see routes in/out of airports

The main flight plan is From JOHOR BAHRU VOR head towards MALACCA VOR using Airway A457 (Direct) Cruise at FL240 @ 305kts IAS

The first Diagram shows how to leave WSSS to reach the first VOR (JOHOR BAHRU), there are two options either using the 20C, when after take off you turn left and fly past the airport, and the second option where you fly straight out to join the VOR.

The second diagram shows how to fly the arrival from the MALACCA VOR, where you basically turn left to meet the ILS for the runway.

look out for me at the event (I will be in a Qantas B789 callsign QFA14) and you can copy my flight plan

Can Oi take a gate please

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Sure John, what Aircraft and callsign will you use?

I will be a C22, so you can use any other B or C gates!

I was talking about the above SID, which I don’t think you could fly in all regions but in some cases you could ;)

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yes it does depends which airport in which region and which SID…you have to do a bit of research, but Singapore region is pretty good for both WSSS and WMKK.

Also in some regions some of the Waypoints are missing so you have to do a bit of “guest-I-mate” to get it right!

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Yea, thats what I mean, not all of the waypoints are in Infinite Flight, making the SID (if possible) a bit different

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My live has expired

I’ll be focusing on national exams for the rest of the year as well, so I don’t see myself getting live any time soon.

That being said, have a great time. Enjoy your flying experience in Singapore! :)

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Will be at gate C11 in A380-800 if that’s okay

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Call Sign AF112 if that is okay

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Callsign IFSFG035 , come with B787-9

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I have updated the SID and STAR with highlighting the different routes to make it easier for you to make and file a flight plan:

If 20C is used for departure then follow the yellow routing
if 02R is used for departure then follow the orange routing

then both follows the blue routing direct

Note the height restrictions.

Follow Blue routing all the way for 34L or Blue then green for 34R

Hi any chance I can attend if so I will take C24
Call sign: QF864
Aircraft: a380

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here’s my fpl

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Thanks to all who came along, it was a great event. Look out for future events both midweek and at weekends hosted by Qantas Virtual

Don’t forget all QVG can file a PIREP as well.

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