[CLOSED] Etrain's ATC Tracking Thread! (TS1)

Hello! This is where I will post when I’m open, on my journey to IFATC!


I’m open at KBOS!
Training Server.

How long will you be there?

20 more minutes. Come if you can!

Sorry, but I don’t think I can make it.

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Nice job my first approach was awful to high coming in

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Oh, you were the Jetblue!

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I sure was 👍🏻 Good luck with it

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Connection problem going to restart the app. I’m coming back.

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There is one more jet blue on

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Don’t know I will refuel on the game or no

Make sure to bring it with you !??? What !!??? Don’t know !!??? Fuel of course

Now closed! Thanks to all who came!


Now open at KMIA!
Any and all feedback is appreciated!

Closed! Thanks to all who came.

I’m now open at KMIA! Come do some patter work!

Any and all criticism is appreciated!

Edit: Closed. Thanks for all the invisible people that came.

Sorry that it’s been so long! I’m not controlling ground and tower at KBOS!

Come fly some patterns and help me improve!
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Now closed. Thanks to all who came!

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