[Closed] Erik Buiten controlling @ESSA TS-1

In my quest to become a better pilot AND ATC controller, I’m opening ESSA - Stockholm Arlanda.

Often open for 40 minutes, but extend the duration if there is traffic :)

Feel free to drop by when I’m live, and maybe leave constructive criticism to help me improve :))

EDIT: Thank you everybody, learned a lot! Will learn from my mistakes and hopefully open tomorrow!

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I’ll come down in a few minutes. 🙂

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I’ll be there in 20 min, maybe?

Great, see you hopefully!

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  • A go around would have been the better option rather then changing my runway to 01R when I called in on the ILS 01L, when you had traffic departing 19R. Sorry you had that approach controller, he/she should have been more situational awareness.

  • No pattern entry was necessary for changing me from 01L to 01R because I was already established on the ILS. You did not give me one so that was good.

  • I would have stayed longer but you cleared me to land. When someone calls in for touch and go, clear them for the option. Since you changed my runway, when you give the clearence tell me left or right traffic.

  • When you switched my runway from 01R to 08 you should have gave me a pattern entry “enter left downwind 08”.

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FRODO is coming:)


  1. Why no pattern work? I’m the only one at the airport
  1. If you don’t allow pattern work, and I’mm departing straight out, why you didn’t hang me to Approach?

  2. KLM133 (@Diederick) requested runway change. Give pattern entry first! then clear him for the option

  3. You’ve missed “exit runway” instruction. Give it when it is safe (not when you’ve just touched the runway), preferably when below 80kts. It is essential! You’ve not given it to me


Check out this tutorials:

Contact me or other IFATC members if you need more detailed explanation:)


Oh I’m so sorry, may I blame it on my muscle-memory. I did it without noticing. Will remember from now on! Thx!

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Great feedback! Will consider in the future!

I’m supposed to make a decision for you (left/right)?

Yes, basically it mostly depends on the runway which I’m using or you want me to use. Lets say I’m taking off from rwy 16R, it would be more sensible for you to give me right traffic so I will not mess with planes departing or landing on 16L (when i take off i will not be right next to the plane departing). If there is only one runway, then it’s up to you to choose. Choose easier option for pilots. Let’s say if there is a mountain on the right and ocean on the left, give left traffic:)

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Hi, I was the person who requested a runway change to give a runway change give a pattern entry for example enter right downwind runway 8 then a sequence if needed and last a landing clearance

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Also when I asked to taxi back to the active runway, you told me to taxi to parking so I gave up. Lol.

  1. I will go easy on you today. But there’s very little amount of traffic, yet it takes you quite some time to respond. I’ve patience but i’m saying that be a little bit quicker, because when traffic is heavy you’ll need to move it out.
    I’ve got a lot of patience so no prbs with me but for your own sake, working more swiftly would benefit you. If you’re striving to become IFATC one day then you’ll have to work more effectively. And yes i know even IFATC takes time to respond but it felt like you took a bit too long for my taste.

  2. I’ve landed and is slowing down. Before i make my turn off the RWY, you should (at least today with so little traffic) tell me to “turn right/left and contact ground on the taxiway”. I should not have to request for a freq… change myself. And once again, i got hanging there for a but too long again. At that moment there was on two aircraft on the ground and two in the air. And one of them with APP so you only had to look after 3 in total.

  3. As @Trio mentioned below.

I saw that you told @Diederick cleared to land when he called for a “Touch and Go”

Other than that you were fine but more training is needed and i’ll be glad to help you out anytime :)

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I remember being unsure what you wanted. Sorry for that. At least I won’t do it in the future:))


Are you planning to control tomorrow @ErikBuiten ? I will have a stop at your airport

Thank you! Closing now, will read the tips again and adapt! Great seeing you :)


If you are use this thread

Maybe, if I feel that I have got the hang is it a bit more!

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You’re welcome, and next time i’d love to make some patterns ;)

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