[Closed] Emirates HUGE Recruiting Event @ KSJC - 110800ZMAR17

Server: Casual

Region: San Francisco

Airport: KSJC - KCCR - KSCK - KNUQ

Time: 0800Z

NOTAM: *As you are aware we have recently announced our grand opening of the new Emirates VA. to celebrate our opening and to encourage recruitment we will be hosting a large group event with airshow. We will fly EK400 & EK406 & EK401on emirates flight route reference. We will takeoff from KSJC and fly to KCCR where we will do a skill test; touch & go on runway 01L. After we will fly to KSCK where you will land on either the large or small runway based on aircraft size (11L or 11R), PLEASE TAXI TO THE CORRECT PARKING which is designated in the image below. lastly we will respectfully view a airshow performed by our emirates board members, followed by a stunt maneuver by our CEO in a large emirates aircraft. After this feel free to follow the board members and CEO to KNUQ on route EK401 to finish of the grand opening. Our fleet consists of:
Large Aircraft:

  • Boeing 777 - 300ER
  • Boeing 777 - 200ER
  • Boeing 777 - 200F
  • Airbus 380
  • Airbus 319 (unmarked livery)
    Small Aircraft.
  • Cessna citation X (unmarked livery)
  • Cirrus SR-22
    When parking in the designated area please park facing the runway to get a good view of the airshow and try not to disturb the airshow or not follow the parking designation. Pilots for emirates please use your EK callsign.
    Gate 01 - CEO
    Gate 02 - EK0011/ Harry Hopkins
    Gate 03 - EK0002
    Gate 04 - EK0003
    Gate 05 - EK0009
    Gate 06 - EK0006
    Gate 07 - Oskar_J_Clare
    Gate 08 - @Boeing773ER
    Gate 09 - @Nicolas_Ivanov
    Gate 10 - @Retro_Flights
    Gate 11 - @Abhishek_Vij
    Gate 12 - @Milen_Jacob
    Gate 13 - @mcwiting
    Gate 14 - @Binesh_Ashokan
    Gate 15 - @CHOIJH
    Gate 16 - @TheAviationGuy
    Gate 17 - @RedarPhel
    Gate 18 - Captain28
    Gate 19 - Jordan2
    Gate 20 - Tonnam_Tanawat
    Gate 21 - AggieAirlines
    Gate 22 - Paulo_Henrique
    Gate 23 - Kendall_Morris
    Gate 24 - Dossym_Makhanov
    Gate 25 - Abhishek_Bhattachary
    Gate 26 - Emirates pilot parking
    Gate27 - Emirates pilot parking
    Gate 28 -

    the diagrams show the airport we will land at and do a touch and go at!!!

Please don’t forget to follow the proper Events format.


Sign me up! Will be coming in the B77W

Sign up me B.777-200F


Sign me up will be coming in the B77W

What date and what time PST?

11th of march 0800 Zulu

please get me a gate

i will be on a 777-300ER

Preformer parking please ?

sign me up
ill come in an A380

Sign me up PLZ! B777-300ER

Sign me up pls… 777-300er

Pls sign me up 777-300ER

Sign me up, I will come in an A380

Are you sure that it’s gonna be on friday 17th march? In game, it’s noted as saturday 11th. I hope it’s on saturday so I can come :D

It is on the 11th I’ll sign you up

Can I have one gate please

Sign me up ill be in an a380

how can I become a part of this VA