[Closed] EHAM Zello ATC

Hey all! Me and @Belfast_spotter are going to be controlling EHAM on a Walkie-talkie app called Zello on the Free Flight Server.

This will be taking place at 13:50Z today. Please feel free to come along.

Zello allows realistic ATC conversations where you use your voice to communicate to us. Please use Zello on another device from the one that you are flying on.

As we use taxiway names, we have provided a diagram of the airfield to help your navigation.

Channels are as follows:

  • EHAM Ground (121.7)
  • EHAM Tower (118.1)

Type these in to the channels bar in the app to find them.

With the current weather situation, runway 18C is for takeoff and 18R for landings. Depending on the weather this may change.


With the current weather situation, no one is departing or arriving at JFK!


I am aware of the snowstorm. Operations on Infinite Flight will continue.

We are still going ahead anyway

Having trouble with the Zella app. Just keeps saying searching for walkie-talkies.
Any suggestions it’s my first time using it.

Go to channels & search for the channel we said

I open another airport

Do it quickly we are starting in 7mins

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We are now open at JFK everyone I’m on ground & freddie is Tower

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KSWF TWR and GND open
KSWF tower 121.000
KSWF ground 121.900

If you ask pushback pleas say where on wich ramp you are like the CARGO area

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Have you got it yet?

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We are now open to all traffic

This is the only aircraft in the whole area being inbound for JFK:

Do you have 39 kts gusts in IF too?

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Yep. Yes we do. Well probably changr.

Due to severe weather and lack of traffic we are changing to an airport in the Amsterdam region. Please await information if you wish to come.

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No it does not give me an option for channels just keeps loading saying searching for other Walkie-talkies.

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Can I do EDDL?

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Sure you can

Chart EDDL so come fly from EHAM to EDDL
GND EDDL 121,90
TWR 118,30

Go to channels.

Press add channels.

Type “EHAM”.

Select the frequencies and try again to get the other one.

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