[CLOSED] EHAM is now open! (Playground)

Just fly in and out and test my ATC skills!

I’ll pop on for a few circuits, show off your skills!


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Tower only.

I Will be ground

No need to ask me to hold short when I barely started taxiing :)

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In the real world runway 06 don’t use for take off

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Sorry guys!

Where you gone Harry?

Now they use 36L 36C for take off
And 06 for landing

A few helpful tips :)

-It’s best to wait for the pilots request before ordering line up and wait. Also only give that command when the pilot is actually at the hold short line.

-In terms of sequencing, you have grasped the basics; really important to sequence, lets the pilot know who he/she needs to follow, prevents close call landings! I never used to sequence before becoming an advanced ATC, I realise now how crucial it is. After takeoff, sequence me! Also when I call right base, that’s the time to clear me, as opposed to calling roger.

-On landing, it’s best to ask me to exit the runway instead of asking me to contact ground, the exit option has that included.

Overall, a few things to work on, i’m sure some of the recruiters would be happy to give you some 1 on 1. If not, I’ll be more than happy to.

All the best,


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If you Need an seconde pilot to fly pattern ask me pleas

Wanna do a flight?

Yes good where

Fly in/out EHAM to test my ATC.

Good i come

With re b737 BBJ

I most stop srry

Probably best to discuss this on PM, avoids clutter!


Come back as I am now a bit better!