(CLOSED) EHAM APROACH @TS1 nai737 tracking thread

Hop I’m down to OMDB (Dubai) practing. I’m ground and tower! Hope for some great feedback!

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Coming in as PHADZ.
See you there.

Here’s some general tips & hints based on what I observed

  • every inbound aircraft always for gets a pattern entry instruction. Good!
  • only ONE pattern entry instruction is needed (unless in case of a runway change
  • an aircraft inbound for touch and go, always is cleared for the option, with an exit direction.
  • use sequencing to inform other inbound aircrafts who they need to follow. Re-sequence if needed. Sequencing is your friend!
  • controlling aircraft speed is typically only done with aircrafts on final. Don’t use it to create spacing, especially not with an aircraft on downwind.
  • in case of many outbounds, you can tell an aircraft on downwind to extend downwind. Good. Even better is: I’ll call your base (followed by ‘turn base’ when you want the aircraft to turn via base to final)
  • good use of the Expedite instruction for the departing aircraft.
  • no new ‘lineup and wait’ until the outbound aircraft has started its takeoff roll.

For ATC practice I would suggest you pick an airport with two parallel runways. And don’t pick a large, obvious airport, as they tend to get busy very quickly with aircrafts who often don’t follow instructions.

Last tip: check out this YouTube tutorial. I find it a very good one. I watched it 7 times as theres a lot happening and it takes time to grasp everything.

Any questions, please send me a PM. Here to help.


Ok, hope to see you!


  1. Transition altitude is way too low, GA pattern altitude is 1000 feet AGL and jets are at 1500, you cleared me at 1000 which most likely will make me run into a pattern aircraft
  2. No sequencing at all
  3. Touch and go, you clear for option, not land
  4. Avoid overcontrolling and familiarize yourself more with the commands. Slowest practical speed is to create space on final, sequencing is used to line planes in for landing, extend downwind/I’ll call your base should be used when you want to resequencing the front aircraft behind a back aircraft or create departure spacing.

Highly suggest you take a look at everything here:

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Stopping by as N25513.

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Thanks Forbes the feedback, you could be a little nice to ya know. Eveyone needs to learn.

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Hey Nai :) An error I noticed was that you cleared me to land instead of the option. Any aircraft remaining in the pattern need to be cleared for the option. I suggest watching all of the ATC tutorials linked above by @Matthew_Chan as they will help out a lot!

I look forward to seeing your progression :)

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Ok Thanks for the feedback Well appreciated!

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Thanks for you nice feedback! Open at Dubai now if you can come!

Something tells me you aren’t still open?

If so, please place CLOSED in your title.

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Oh yes, sorry for saying it’s still open changing now! Sorry again!

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