[Closed] EGSS Open on PG - Tower and Ground

Come give me some patterns! Shoutout to @Laurens! :P

Runway 22 in use.

@Cayler, you said you’d like to pop down yesterday.

London is almost empty today. :(

One aircraft here.

Come on people! Let’s fill Stansted up!

I’m in be by in a min

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OK. See you there!

3 aircraft on ground, 1 in the air.

I might come

I’m not free at the moment😩 @B767fan

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That’s a shame.

Yes it is…

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Nice landing @Laurens!

Sorry lost my WiFi connection a couple of times there had to open up communication with tower a few times wasn’t unnecessary . Just had to get back with you on frequency

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No worries. I’m not even sure who you were… Were you Speedbird?

Nice controlling @B767fan!

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Thanks @Laurens! Means a lot coming from you.

I reported someone who took off without clearance.

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Easy1863 or IFFG SITH LORD

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