*CLOSED* EGLL Tower and Ground Open - Foggy Conditions!!

Tower and Ground are open at London Heathrow, EGLL on the advanced server. It is very foggy around here with visibility being at around 1200 meters.

Pattern Work Accepted.

Runways in use

27L for landings
27R for departures

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Just like real life! Aircraft are delayed to the max at LHR at the moment.

Indeed, thats why I chose those runways to be used. I would like the challenge of controlling in this region and conditions! Are you coming to fly?

Not enough XP for advanced yet…

You can get that up quick enough by doing touch and goes somewhere!

On my way 😋😋

Which Reagion is the best? London? 👍🏻

I really like the London Region!

Are you still there?

Because I’m trying to decide which Reagion I should get!

London is a large region, with lots of airports, Stretches all the way up to EGNX/EGBB down to Bournemouth and Bembridge, including LHR,LCY,LGW,

yes, I am!

Dam…That’s big. But is it worth more than a aircraft?

Coming in a 777 :)

Thats your call


I will be closing in 5 minutes

Welcome to European winter! Nothing extraordinary :)

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