[Closed] EGLL is open at Training Server 1

Hi! I would like to do some practice in EGLL, Feedbacks are welcomed :)
I’m going to open for 45 minutes in EGLL.

This conditions may change based on the weather and the METAR


Pretty nice job.

First pattern I didn’t get a sequence, just told to maintain slowest practical speed then told my base turn, when you give us our position in the sequence you don’t have to worry about our speed and base turn, we’ll adjust accordingly with the traffic ahead. Unless you need Spacing for departing aircraft or inbounds then you can call our base.

On my request to change to 34L I should be given left traffic not right traffic as with right traffic I was then passing the departure paths and inbound paths of two runways. L runways left traffic, R runways right traffic.

Everything else pretty spot on. Cheers for the service!


Thanks for the feedback and Thanks for coming, I’ll improve my skills next time, Sorry for the inconvinience (That I give you right traffic instead of left traffic ^-^").

Thanks to the ones who come to my session, I’ll open another session tommorow. Thanks :)

Oh it’s not an inconvenience, It’s just a heads up for next time so you don’t have any conflicting traffic. Just like in Tyler’s tutorial videos… Give the sequence and then go ahead and clear them to land, then the rest is the hands of the pilot and you can get on and deal with other aircraft in your airspace.

Give me a tag next time you’re training and if I’m available I’ll come join you.

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Oh for sure! Watch them all, make notes of the key points then put it all in to practice, you’ll be just fine if you’re doing this well already without watching them

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I’m opening my session at EGLL now!


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Opened it again!

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