[Closed] EGLC PG T&G

Pattern work accepted.
09 is active.
Hope to see you there.


I’ll be there, but not for long, I’ve got an event to go to.

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What event?

Playground. Almost had to go around once again in the end.

I mean, where and what is the event

Firstly: This isn’t an event
Secondly: I wasn’t responding to your question ;)

I was there I was Delta 702

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oh, sorry c

@BavariaAVIATION @DublinSpotter @Talkingribzz any feedback?

Good atc and thanks for letting me take off before the big queue beside me.

@Talkingribzz what was your callsign or where you gone before I came?

@Dublinspotter TRB969
@Belfast_spotter very good ATC work, couldn’t fault it.

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Oh didn’t see you there you must have went to that event that you were going to.

I can give you feedback:

  • If you know it might be close, tell the queue to hold short or tell me to go around. I did it automatically as saw the plane(s) on the runway. Not sure wether it was your mistake or the players’. Probably it’s the second option.

  • I called inbound for tough & go. Clear me for the option, not for a landing.

  • After I took off / went around I was only sequenced once of 3 times. Make sure you always sequence departures remaining in the pattern!

That’s it actually. Wasn’t there longer.
Despite the points listed above, it still was an enjoyable session!

The first one was the pilots wasn’t even on my frequency. I thought I cleared you for option. And sorry about that I was telling traffic who keep requesting takeoff to hold short.