[CLOSED] EGLC Open on advanced!

EGLC open on the advanced server! Will be online for a long time!

Pattern work accepted :)

Runway 27 is in use, outbounds will taxi to HP RWY 27.

Please - when at the holding point, contact tower and request departure, don’t ask ground to cross runway. This is to maintain traffic flow and maintain optimal efficiency!

METAR: 041020Z 24014KT 9999 FEW040 10/05 Q1028

Come and fly, and feel free to comment your callsign here! :)

Fly safe!

I came! I was N318IF. I tried to fly safe, except when you had me do a 360, as the C208 was slow. I had to power up, and go into steep climb.

Yes i was aware of that. I tried to make him go faster, but he was Aprox. On stall speed :P

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What is long ? So I switch my lunch break.

I’ll be there;)

Mhhmmm. Okay.

Speedbird 1.
Thank you.

Thanks for traffic! :)