[Closed] EGKK on PG!

Pattern work wanted. Please give me feedback!


Comin for a bit!

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On my way to the dentist, sorry.


Coming to test you buddy! Expect a report soon after.

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Send you PM,thank you

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Thanks everyone.

Report - Shuttle 407

Okay let’s begin:


Okay, so I was highly impressed with your performance today at EGKK. You have a great knowledge of pattern aircraft, which I was impressed that you understand the option clearing.

I also noticed a great understanding of controlling inbound aircraft.


There were only 2 negative sides to your operation today. Number one was calling my base. Now it wasn’t exactly necessary to call my base, all that had to be instructed was a sequencing command. A little more traffic and it could have been useful.

Lastly you did forget about me on the ground, just before you left. You did the right thing by instructing me to cross the runway but forgot to instruct a taxi to parking momentarily after.

Apart from that my good man, you did an exceptional operation!

Advanced: I recommended going for the ATC tests


What’s lastly?!

Thanks. I did the base thing because there was an aircraft just sat on the runway.

Sorry it edited the rest out stand by.

Update: finished.

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Thanks man. Sorry about forgetting you, I needed the toilet. :P

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Completely understand. ;)

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