[Closed] EGKK ATC (Training server 2)

I Will be doing ground and tower on training server 2 this time someone can join approach if you want too

Flying in from EGBB now!! Air France 416!

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Delta99 is coming now 😏

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I was n556pu, I can’t believe I went to the wrong runway!

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I was N556PU. I just left after a short pattern flight! You were good overall but here are some tips. When I request frequency change when taxing to the runway, tell me that I was already instructed to change frequency because you said taxi 26R contact tower when ready. Also, great job handling me changing from touch and go to landing. You recovered well from your cross runway mistake. You are a very good controller and I am looking forward to seeing you as my controller in expert server!

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I didn’t notice 😄


Oh thnx man!

Oh ok thnx for the tip

Got some screenshots here:)

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I Will try to do this more often!

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They’re great!! 😄

Really good ATC. Only thing I would add is that technically Gatwick only uses one runway at a time (typically 26L/08R with the other being used as a taxiway) but it didn’t matter at all and let me know when you’ll be on again!

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Alright I will:)

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Great job man!

Sadly I couldn’t come but when you are on again let us known and I will certainly come

Yes I will

You did good bro keep it up and don’t forget to send me a holla when the next one is ;)

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