[Closed]EGHI (London) Tower open TS1

Come down and give Southampton some love! Anything up to 757 size aircraft is welcome.
See you there!


Are you still open? I can come down!

I’ll pop in, love Southampton 😁

Hey @morgan99!

I was ‘NT90D | IFC Reese’ at your session.

You did ok, but you might want to touch up on:

  1. No need to tell me to hold short of the runway before I’ve even requested to take off. It’s against the rules to cross the runway hold line without permission anyways.

  2. When you clear me for the option to land from a pattern, no need to tell me which traffic to use, becuase I already know which way to use. For example, you told me: “Cleared for the option runway 20, after the option make left traffic”. There is no need to say “make left traffic” in the clearance unless you wanted to switch it to right traffic for instance.

  3. I don’t know really why you told me to back taxi the runway after I landed. There’s an exit at the end of it, and if I back taxiied I would hit the other plane…

Thanks for the service!


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Thanks @morgan99

It got a little busy there with arrivals! ☺ Good job using the right 360’s to space us out

Do let us know when you are on ATC again, will help out and get some practice on Ground

‘Easy 188’

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Thanks for coming, didn’t help with the a340 taxing to 02 to back taxi to 20. Thanks for coming.

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I didn’t actually notice that taxi way, it was blending in with the dark ground, it was only after I saw you taxiing off, that I realised there was a taxi way there.

I believe that I was attempting to land at your airport! You seemed to do well, as far as I can tell. I also noticed you had the taste of some noobs/trolls taxiing into the runway without permission. Thanks for telling me to go around! I wouldn’t have noticed him otherwise. (And yes, I did end up stalling after go around for the 2nd time…)

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Are you not open anymore?

Nope. He/she closed 3-5 minutes ago.

Reopen again, come down.

I am controlling at Southampton again, come down and make good use of the airport.

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I would be stopping by for pattern work, can’t wait to see your controlling!

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anyways… wasn’t my day. You got me super confused b/c the runway changed in the middle of my flight, and my phone crashed.

The main points I would like to show are:

-When requesting transition, usually give the plane 2500 to 3500.

-When I called inbound I should’ve gotten three responses. “G-OJFam, enter the right base runway 20” “G-OJFam traffic to follow is on Final” (there was a plane on final to be clear). “G-OJFam, number 2 cleared for the option, after the option make xxx traffic”.

-Finally, you need to touch up on your sequencing. There was a 757 on a 6 mile final, and I’m told to follow that plane. A Cessna Citation X can make much shorter turns and could’ve made that 4-5 mile gap. Think about aircraft speeds.

Go check out the awesome tutorials Tyler Made for us!


Hello there!

I appreciate your controlling today, ans I must say your controlling is very excellent! There are following things you should improve on;

  1. You should clear and sequence as soon as possible when doing pattern work, you did a little bit of a delay. You cleared me after I called “ATCVISIT is on left downwind 20, touch and go” You should go and clear me when right after I took off.

  2. As far as I remember, you said “ATCVISIT number 2, cleared for the option, after the option, make left traffic” You should sequence me when there’s a plane behind me while inbound.

Other than that, great controlling! I’m looking forward to attend your sessions any time soon in the future! Have a good day :)

But you weren’t following my instructions, I did keep saying left traffic but you went right, and I transitioned you at 4000ft before there was an aircraft going around up at 3000ft, and I was giving a 1000ft separation.
Also I was putting a big gap between you and the next aircraft because I had three aircraft waiting to back taxi half the runway and take off, so I made a large gap between you two.


I get I didn’t follow instructions because the runway changed and I kept getting mixed up.

I also didn’t see the aircraft waiting to back taxi.

Then ignore my my 1st comments, but still check out sequencing videos.

The runway didn’t change, we were using rwy20😂 but anyway cheers for the feedback, much appreciated, and thanks for coming! It’s nice to give Southampton some traffic for once.

You can’t sequence you if your ahead of the other aircraft… if you’re number 1 you aren’t sequenced.

Clearing on a downwind is absolutely fine, definitely not late. I never clear once airborne, always at least a crosswind, to check they are actually flying a pattern and not just leaving my airspace


That’s exactly what I do too