[Closed]EGBB TS1 London

Come by EGBB in London region for some patterns! Training for IFATC so please give feedback :)


@Alexander_Pehrman Was all going well until i lost wifi lol my apologies

Nice work though, noticed i was parked where i could have taxi’d to 15 or 33, you designated the runway on pushback rather than just approved

Worked well as i think 33 and 15 were both available but my flight plan was to take off from 15

Picked up on the request for freq change when approaching switch to tower, despite obv already instructed

Good ATC when i diverted from flight plan and wanted to return to 15

Will try and re join shortly, nice work 👍

[Speedbird 188]

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Thank you for joining :) I usually control at EGBB so if you se me sometime feel free to PM me with feedback :)

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You still there? I might come if you are.

No Im not, keep an eye on the ATC tracking thread. I usually control in EGBB

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