[Closed] EDVA Recruitment Event #3 - Mystery Destinations @ KORD - 241600ZSEP17

Region: Chicago

Airport: KORD

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: Welcome to EDVA’s last Recruitment Event before Global is released. In most events there is a degisnated route, but today EDVA has decided to create an enticing event: the destination of the event will be unknown. If you plan on joining the event just follow me (Etihad 07) to our destination.

All about Etihad VA

Etihad VA is a profesional, fun and realistic VA with caring staff members and dedicated pilots. Here is the link to our website if you are interested in checking it out

Aircraft: Any Aircraft with an Etihad livery
Date & Time: Sunday, September 23 @ 1600Z
There will be no fpl, just follow me (Etihad 07)

Communication: We will be using Slack for communication during the event. When you sign up for a gate please PM @Milen_Jacob with your email. He will add you to one Chanel in our Slack VA where we can communicate during the event. After the event you account will be deactivated except if you want to join our VA.

If you want to join our VA and you haven’t crashed just PM @Captain_Ankit.


B1: @Kyriakos_Papasavas
B10: @Dylan844r
B11: @Binesh_Ashokan
B12: @Joe_Scott_Evans
B16: @Cedric_Lim
B17: @Harun_Koyuncu
B18: @Alejandro_Dorantes
B19: @Ahtisuuka_Iarno
B2: @Milen_Jacob
B20: @ssphil
I am sorry but there are no more gates available.


If you would be generous enough to provide ATC please PM me. Th controllers will be informed of the mystery airports before the event starts
KORD ground:
KORD tower:
Unknown approach:
Unknown tower:
Unknown 2 approach:
Unknown 2 tower:

I hope that many pilots can participate in this event and join our VA. EDVA plans to recruit staff and many pilots right before the Global update. If you are interested in a job please PM @Milen_Jacob


Lol, I thought this is an EVA Air event when I looked at the title. I hope your VA is going well and have fun in the event!

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Will definitaly want to fly here

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It’s released, spelling correction. :) Also good luck on recruitment event!


Sign me up for event pls…

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@Binesh_Ashokan and @Dylan844r I have assigned you gates. Also please contact @Milen_Jacob your email so he can make a guest account in slack for you.

I want to be in the event, It looks intersting

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@Joe_Scott_Evans and @Dialga365 you have been assigned gates. Please contact @Milen_Jacob and send him your email.

Hey @MathAviation7 i’ve spoke to @Milen_Jacob and he asked me to ask you for a gate. thanks

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You should ask me for a gate but give @Milen_Jacob your email. You have Gate B16

i went the other way around by mistake.hehe…

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Can i have a Gate please ? ✌️


@Harun_Koyuncu you have gate B17. Welcome aboard!

I fly, I want a door for my etihad

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@Alejandro_Dorantes you have gate C18. Welcome aboard! Please PM @Milen_Jacob your email so he can give you a guest account tin Slack.

Hi, I whan’t to fly here

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@Ahtisuuka_Iarno Welcome aboard you have gate B19. Please PM @Milen_Jacob your email so he can add you to Slack.

Airbus A321- América Airlines

@Azul123 what so you mean. You can fly any Etihad livery aircraft in this event. The event is going to take place in 45 min.

I will be there. See you soon

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