I’m opening up once again this time on EDDL in the Amsterdam Region. You may come do some pattern work or just take off heading towards another destination. Hope to see you there! :D

On my way!

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Keep an eye out for me soldier ;)

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Thanks to everyone that came! If anybody has feedback to give me you are more than welcome to do so! :)

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Sorry, I’m a bit late but here is my feedback:

  • Use one runway for takeoffs and one for landings. Of course there wasnt much traffic so its not that bad. Its just annoying to change from 23R to 23L all the time.

  • Use the “Exit runway” command. When I landed you didnt tell me to exit the runway.

Im not an ATC expert but those mistakes I spotted. :)
(Im not so sure about the first one, feel Free to correct If I made a mistake)

Ok thanks! I switched the runways quite a bit to ensure there was no conflicts. I won’t do it as much because most of the time it wasn’t really necessary. Thanks for your feedback!

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Use sequencing, no conflicts anymore.
(Unless there are nimrods)

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