[Closed] @ EDDF (Ground) on TS1 - Brent Adams ATC Tracking Thread

Welcome to my tracking thread! I’m training to become a IFATC member, so please come show your support. If there is anything I need to improve on, please PM me.

Brent Adams (HVA0722)

HVA020 on the way. 👌

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Sorry but someone else just took PHNL

It’s open on my screen. :)

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Try a smaller field. KALB, KSDF, KMHT, EDDL, KSTL and YMML are good choices.


Thanks but this isn’t my first rodeo ;)

Yeah, I saw your other thread, large airports usually have long taxis which waste time in the air, that’s all. Only useful if you have a large amount of traffic.

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I completely understand that

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Sorry guys my app crashed

I will continue controlling at YSSY for about 30-45 minutes if anyone wants to join. It’s pretty slow at the moment.

Helping control for the Hawaiian airports around Honolulu for FNF.

It’s a little boring here. Please come out and fly in the Singapore region ;)

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