[Closed] EBLG on PG

Hi pilots!
Doing some ATC training on EBLG ground/tower in Netherland region for the next hour or so. Pattern work are welcome. Cheers

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Lufthansa 456 👍🏻

See u there!

Very nice work!!! You handle everthing very good!! The only “mistake” was at my Landing, before my Landing i requestet a RW Change to The left Runway… You gave me pattern entry (Perfect) And After this you cleared me to Land… Not for The Option… I would fl more patterns 😉 But you cleared me to Land 😂 Awesome Job… 10/10!! 😉

Thanks man!
I know, but i just pressed the wrong option, and was too late for a correction, cause you was already landed! 😂
I didn’t know you got me so seriously… 😂😂
Thanks for your time!

Anytime, Have you contact a recruiter? You’re ready for adv!!

Yes, but better a Late correction then no correction, at my Second Or third T&G you misstipped to, but you correct it 😉

Good to know! Yes I did, I passed the first test.

Yes this was very good work, i cant did it better 👍🏻 i dont Know how you will work “under pressure” and with 3-5 Aircrafts… But i think you will handle it 👍🏻 if you want practice again, and you Need a Pilot you can Tag me everytime, i will try to come 👍🏻👍🏻

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