[Closed]EasyJet Virtual's Malaysia Tour @ WMKK - 291900ZAPR17

Ok adding you shortly

Sorry I can’t come to this event anymore

Ok I’ll take you off the list

I will do my best to make the online time but i have work so I’ll have to see what i can do


There are still gates! Keep em coming!

Attention all attending the event
The event is taking place this evening. Please spawn in 5 minutes before the allocated time so we can allow for anyone who’s late. I will be live streaming the event onto YouTube gaming and will run the event from there so please all listen in to the stream: http://gaming.youtube.com/user/AGP335/live
There will also be a competition for the best screenshot so please post them here after the event.

Thank you.

-Alexander, easyJet president

Give me a gate please

I think I can participate the event.
Please give a gate to me, thanks.;)

@Tsung-Jui_Lee @Pandu_Margi Adding you now

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count me in…im coming too

Ok adding you on to the list

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what time zone is the time in…I live in abu dhabi so I’m +3 hours ahead of the uk

2000gmt is fine I am still able to attend. Is there a specific flight plan or is it straight to WSSS

That would make is 2300 your time

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oh beep…you’ll have to take away my spot I cant stay up till that time…I have school tomorrow…yes on a Sunday the weekends are different here…Friday and Saturday are my weekends

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Riperoni pepperoni XD

I’ll make a flight plan so people can copy it

As for the plane, would you prefer a320 or 19. Just thinking for screenshots from other people. Also I will get some or the terminal when we start up

I’d prefer a319 as the livery is nicer if that’s ok

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Any formation flight planned? XD