(Closed)easyJet Virtual Recruitment Event @ EHAM - 061930ZAPR17

Server: TS1

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM-EDDL

Time: 19:30Z

Aircraft: A319 or A320

NOTAM: After a long wait, easyJet has finally become official. This is our first Recruitment Event on Thursday 6th April. We will fly from EHAM(Schipol) to EDDL(Dusseldorf). Everyone is welcome to join this event. If you are interested in joining our VA, please visit our website : http://easyjet-virtual.weebly.com/join-now.html.

Flight Details

Ascend speed: 220kts
Descend speed: 210kts
Cruise speed: 280kts
Cruise altitude: 16000ft
Ascent VS: 2800ft
Descent VS: 1400ft
Start descent: 65nm

Flight Plan:

Flight Plan may vary according to the weather.


Gate F03 - J9J9T
Gate F04 - Benayres125
Gate F05 - Milen_Jacob
Gate F06 - DUDAIR
Gate F07 - Jurassicpark_1993
Gate F08 - Flightsimuatorblaine
Gate F09 - Liam_purcell
Gate G02 - Squiffy
Gate G03 - Adel_Toubeh
Gate G04 - emerald_mc
Gate G05 - CaptainCharles
Gate G06 - timo
Gate G07 - @Jeremy_Kwong
Gate G08 - @Ryan_Briggs
Gate G09 - @rohaim_khedr
Gate H01 - @Callum_Howes
Gate H02 - @Trey_White
Gate H03 - @SWIFT
Gate H05 - @Lamale99
Gate H06 - @Joshua_Ellender
Gate H07 - @Jackol2702
Gate J180 - Darth Sidious
Gate J181 -

More Gates will be added if necessary.

Reply below which gate and aircraft will you be using.



Hi! I recommend getting IFTSATC out here so they can assist in the event. :) Here, @Cpt_Chris can see this and maybe would like to assist. Best of luck! ;)

Sure…Thank you for the assistance


Can you change the post to Events because it’s on live.

I’ll take gate F06 please but don’t count on it. :)

Sure and which aircraft will you be in

The lovely A320, thanks.

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U 'll be added…

I’m looking forward to this.

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hi,can i join too please?


helllo sir, shortly @Milen_Jacob will hand you a gate. i cant wait to see you in the air

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Hey…Thank you for joining our recruitment event…May I know which aircraft you will be using?

ive already sent an application forum

give me a second,il check

Ok sir…thanks…

i’l take the Airbus A320

Sure…welcome.to the event

thanjs for letting me in. I join the VA.


Your application is being processed and we will get back to you within 24 hours


ok,thanks but wrute me in 24 back,we swiss are really punctually