[CLOSED] EasyJet VA Recruitment Event @ EHAM - 070100ZOCT17

Hey! We start in an hour, right?

Is the event today? The game says it’s tonight but the forum says it’s tomorrow. Which one is correct?

I thought it was today- in about half an hour

Can I be easy 589?? When will it end?

Hey There Jack! I would love to be apart of this event. My callsign is EasyJet 1736 and I’ll be flying an Airbus A320. Cheers!

Hi Milo, you need to specify what aircraft type you’ll be using (a319, a320 both in the Easyjet Livery or a a321 in the generic livery)

Hi everyone! I want to apologise for when the event is. There has been confusion with the timing between us with the different timezones but the event will still go on. If you want to remain signed up, we can get going in an hour if you are up for it. Once again I apologise for such delay but we welcome you to come to the event later today.

Thank you still,

EasyJet VA.

Here is a screenshot of the FPL, but I will also be there throughout the event and will have the FPL for you to copy off of me at the start.

Sure! @baxy380 I’ll add you now if you want!

I can come in bout 2 hrs :(

Okay, I see. But Sir you can also sign up for EasyJet VA on our website if you can’t make the event.

@Gavin_Hertel, @elia_giudici, @JaiFlys, @Mirage, @Zonaverdi, @Keith34, @Alex-Croatia, @angorang03, @Anlodeje, @Marcus_Chee, @CaptainObvious, @LordDanz, @baxy380

The event is starting now!

Hi there,
I missed it-wasnt ready for it at all…
What to do?

You can still apply to become a pilot via our website. Sorry that you missed the event.

Have a great day!
Declan O’Regan
COO EasyJet VA

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