[CLOSED] EasyJet VA Recruitment Event @ EHAM - 070100ZOCT17

Forget to include aircraft type: A319

Sign me in please! SFL 405 Airbus 320!

@Keith34 and @Zonaverdi both will be put in now! Thank you for signing up!

Hello I would like parking A49

Sure callsign and aircraft?

Sing me up to EZY098

Yes Sir, but what aircraft will you be flying?

Hi, sign me up | Callsign: EZY1892 | Aircraft: Airbus A319

Thank you @Alex-Croatia will add you now!

Would like to sign up- any gate
A319 EZY427

Sign me please.
EZY6557 A320


@angorang03 and @Anlodeje will add both of you now. Thankyou!

What time is 0100Z in EST?

Hi there @Plane_Masta to answer your question 0100Z is 9PM EST.

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Would like to join too :P
Aircraft: A320 / Callsign: ABC123 Super

I’ll do it. Callsign will be Easy 1661. Airbus A320.

@Marcus_Chee and @CaptainObvious Thank you for signing up and we look forward to seeing you there!

Hello, Can you get me a gate? I’ll be in a 320!! Thx!!

Can I be Easyjet 1411?

LordDanz Sure! See you there!