[CLOSED] EasyJet VA Recruitment Event @ EHAM - 070100ZOCT17

Are you interested in joining EasyJet VA? Well we all have to start from somewhere with anything but if you are looking for a basic airliner, look elsewhere my friends. This recruitment event is for those who want to represent one of the most known airlines in the world and hopefully IFC. So if you feel ready to join and represent us, sign up below with your aircraft and callsign so we can assign you a gate (more gates can be added if need be).

Aircraft: A320 and A319 with EasyJet Livery. (There is an exception for the A321 in the Generic Livery).

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM

Time: 0100Z

Server: Training

NOTAM: The route will be a pattern but will be fairly large so we can assess both your ATC knowledge and flying. ATC will clear you to the runway in use after you have copied the pattern FPL from EZY2002 (Me). After take-off, do not exceed 210kts and ascend at a vertical speed of 1000-1500 until at 2000ft MSL. Hold 2000ft until told to descend and decrease speed to the instructions given. The rest of the ATC instructions will be given at their due time. Also, SLT assessors will be @Declan_O and @FlowingGlint61 and they are the COO and CEO of this VA and they will be viewing from the Tower.

We want to thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you sign up. If you do, we wish you all the best and will see you in the skies!


Parking A32: Gavin_Hertel- Callsign: EZY288- A320
Parking A34: elia_giudici- Callsign EZY1453- A320
Parking A35: JayFlies- Callsign EZY2187- A319
Parking A36: Mirage- Callsign EZY2004- A320
Parking A37: Zonaverdi- Callsign EZY293- A319
Parking A41: Keith34- Callsign SFL405- A320
Parking A43: Alex-Croatia- Callsign EZY1892- A319
Parking A45: angorang03- Callsign EZY427- A319
Parking A46: Anlodeje- Callsign EZY6557- A320
Parking A48: Marcus_Chee- Callsign ABC123 Super- A320
Parking A49: CaptainObvious- Callsign Easy 1661- A320

Parking B13: LordDanz- Callsign Easy 1411- A320
Parking B15: baxy380- Callsign Easy 1736- A320
Parking B16:
Parking B17:
Parking B20:
Parking B23:
Parking B24:
Parking B27:
Parking B28:
Parking B31
Parking B32:


Please use the proper event title format. Thanks!


Sorry! Will change that now!

Sign me up please! :)

Sure! @Gavin_Hertel
What plane are you going to be taking and your callsign Sir?

Airbus 320 / Callsign: EZY288

Thank you Sir! I’ll add you.

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Please sing me up
A320 EZY1453

When we do this event ?

Hello, can i join? =)

@elia_giudici and @Tellmenoob2 no worries we will sign you up shortly. To answer your question this takes place on the 17th of October.

Sure Sir! Added you now!

Sure! What’s your Callsign Sir?

Would like to sign up

Airbus A319 EZY2187

Hi I would like to join.
A320 Call Sign EZY2004

@JaiFlys and @Mirage , will add both of you now!

Mr. Jack, when will we receive the flight plan to copy for the event?

Thank you!

I’m very excited

So when its time for the event, either before the event via this topic or at the time of the event; i’ll spawn in just copy from my info section.

Hi there,

Call sign EZY293 - would like to join this please.