[CLOSED] EasyJet VA 'Geneva Fever' Short Haul Flight @ EGKK - 201930ZOCT17

Can you sign me up please?

It’s in Zulu, so it depends on your timezone. e.g BST would be 8:30pm etc.

Can I have a Gate please ?

Sure Sir! What’s your callsign?

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My callsign is easy 585

Thankyou! Will see you there Sir!

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Thank you very much see you there ✌️

Sign me up!! EZY7403

Sign me up please my callsign is TAHA2411

I would love to attend. Can you allocate me a gate and advise on a call sign for the event. Thanks John

@Seanhickey465 @John_Ryan @Taha_Abdallah, Thankyou all and I will sign you up now!

@John_Ryan, The event is at 19:30Z so we could use your callsign as EZY1930?

Thanks. Look forward to it

1 Space Left! Thanks everyone for joining.

@Sekou_Fofana, sure! What’s your callsign Sir?

@Declan, @Harun_Koyuncu, @John_Ryan, @Seanhickey465, @euroflyer, @EZY1515, @Taha_Abdallah, @Bryan_OJ, @FlowingGlint61, @mkafula, @Jammie_James

The event is soon! Whether it’s tonight, this morning, midday etc for you, the event is coming up in around 4 hours. Just as an update, I will spawn 15 minutes before the event starts to do the FPL for everyone (EZY2002)!

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THe Event starts at 19:30? ✌️

Yes Sir, it does! Will see you there!

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Okay thanks See You later 👩‍✈️

Looking forward to it. See you there