[CLOSED] EasyJet VA 'Geneva Fever' Short Haul Flight @ EGKK - 201930ZOCT17

Fancy flying a short haul flight with us from London Gatwick to Geneva? If so, hop in an aircraft and sign up to build up the hours and experience with a flight with some amazing views and a very direct route taking away the fuel fear factor! This is our first Global event and we are ready as ever to lead a popular route with as many peeps as possible!

Server: Training [GLOBAL]

Airport: EGKK-LSGG

Time: 1930Z [20th October 2017]

NOTAM: The event is on the 20th of October and here is some key information regarding the flight itself: Cruise at 24,000 MSL with a VS 2500. Cruise speed is 310kts airspeed. Note that this is a fun relaxing flight, not a competitive flight so don’t feel you can’t come to it for any reason. We would love to see you with us, screenshots will be taken we assure you and will be posted here for you to see!


Gate 10:@Declan- Callsign EZY0719 (COO)
Gate 11:@Jack_IF- Callsign EZY2002
Gate 12:@Jammie_James- Callsign EZY8465
Gate 13:@euroflyer- Callsign EZY7345
Gate 14:@EZY1515- Callsign EZY1515
Gate 15:@mkafula- Callsign IFAU08
Gate 16:@Harun_Koyuncu- Callsign EZY585
Gate 17:@Seanhickey465- Callsign EZY7403
Gate 18:@Taha_Abdallah- Callsign TAHA2411
Gate 19:@John_Ryan- Callsign EZY1930 [Cancelled]
Gate 20:@Bryan_OJ- Callsign EZY202
Gate 21:@FlowingGlint61- Callsign EZY2545 (CEO)
Gate 22:@PilotE.E- Callsign EZY3105
Gate 23:@KapitanBrozy- Callsign EZY734

We really hope you sign up and would love to see many of you there, flying with eachother viewing what Global has to offer!

EasyJet VA
easyjetvaif.weebly.com [Website]


Sign me up!!!. I take gate 15 please

Roger! Do you have a callsign Sir?

My call sign is IFAU08

Thankyou Sir! See you there!

Hey Jack can you add me in a gate! Thanks :)

Sure Sir! Thankyou for signing up!

HEY can i join in with the fun?

Sure what’s your callsign Sir?

Can you sign me up? Ill take gate 12 if that’s ok.

My callsign is EZY 8465

Sure! Thankyou for signing up Sir!

My callsign is EZY 7345

Roger, see you there!

Hi Jack, unfortunately I don’t think I can make it, if it would’ve been one hour earlier than I would’ve participated with a lot of enthusiasm. Maybe as global recently came out, we will host more events and I will be able to participate at some of them.
Happy Landings,

Hi @LordDanz, thankyou and I guarantee you that since Global has come out, there will be many more events with times that suit everyone and you’ll hopefully be able to attend.

EasyJet VA

Hopefully Some of them will be from Geneva as it is my hometown.

Can i fly in the A319?

Of course you can Sir!

And what time zone is the time of departure set