CLOSED DUE TO UNINTEREST Evening of Butter // A Landing competition event @ RJAA! -062400ZOCT18

Welcome To…

Hello,This is the Evening of Butter landing competition being hosted by @Pilot_urp at the large and main airport of Tōkyo at RJAA Tokyo Narita Airport! This airport and region is known to have strong winds from the sea so we can have decent winds to make this challenging! We will be having a competition for the best landing the attendees can perform! Everyone is welcome to participate,whether it’s just spotting or being a judge to a pilot attempting to butter!

More essential detail below! 👇

Time n Date

Our event is on October 7, 2018 12:00 AM
Please note that the date can always change!


The great professional EXPERT Global V2 Server
*Make sure you have access to Expert before signing up!




NOTAM:We will use 34L/16R for both takeoffs and landings.If someone is on Final Dont enter the runway Please act professionally and use Unicom properly.Spawn in 10-15 min prior to start.Judges will get into position first and when they are pilots get the all clear to push and taxi.
Pilots push from gate 21 and upwards.Keep IFC open for any alerts


You can sign up for the following

  • Pilot( Landing) -You are attempting to make the smoothest and best landing out of all other pilots! You are allowed Just one Go-Around and you are allowed to use any Commercial Aircraft that does not have APPR. If Anyone catches you go around more than once or have an aircraft that has APPR.You will be disqualified.Make your callsign “GATE XX”
    (GATE and your gate number)

  • Judges-You are responsible for grading each pilots landing
    Note you will have to grade based on Smoothness,Centerline,Threshold.
    Grade them from 1[Bad]-10[ Best].You must not be biased and be active the entire time and have a good eye to grade the best score you think the pilot achieved.You must make your callsign “Judge XXX”( Judge and maint number aka gate) You must have Confromation from me to be a judge.I will DM u if u choose to sign up for this posistion.

  • ATC If we can get IFATC we could have the following:

  • Spectaotor-You are just watching and can upload
    photos to this thread.
    Callsign needs to be Spectator,your choice

Sign up section

Read above before signing up


Don’t request for more gates unless full.
I will add when full 😀


Either use free cam or taxi near the runway where you are not in the way of traffic
MAINT 902 Valid
MAINT 903 Valid
MAINT 904 Valid
MAINT 905 @Pilot_urp

ONLY 4 JUDGES Don’t Request to be one if full
We only need 4


Just don’t interfere with the event

MAINT 701 Valid
MAINT 702 Valid
MAINT 703 Valid
MAINT 704 Valid
MAINT 705 Valid
MAINT 706 Valid
MAINT 707 Valid

Don’t request for more unless needed.
I will add gates if needed

Other Information

  • I will make a Spreadsheet which we judges will use to imput your score and see who wins.

  • Any questions are gladly welcomed

  • U might need to be patient for me to update this thread and reply as I’m not on the forums 24 hrs a day.

  • Time and Date can be Changed,if so please inform yourself

  • Enjoy the event and have fun


We’ll see closer up to October if I’ll be able to make it…
But for now, put me on the list as a pilot! I’ll let you know if I end up not being able to come.

Hope the competition will turn out well!

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I’d like to signup. Callsign-NBSYT. Or the gate. Callsign.

What role do u want
Pilot? Judge? Spectator?

Pilot would be good.

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If you are not getting many people, I recommend you do it on the TS so you can get ATC & more people!

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HEY! 4 minutes left, can i join?!

Can I sign up last minute?

Umm lol sry this event failed and I should have ditched it earlier

Well,don’t say it failed! Just be a little idealistic,combined with a little interesting things ;) I know you love Japan and want it to be in the spotlight,but players prefer other things. I’ll send you a PM,so let’s talk,Regular to Regular.

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