[CLOSED DUE TO NO PARTICIPATION] Southwest Airlines New Years Flight @KMEM-310100ZDEC18

With the new year right here for all of us I would like to have a new years flight for my favorite va southwest airlines virtual. It will be my last flight of the year for them and I want yall to come along. Here is some info.

Cruise Altitude: 40,000
Speed: 0.77(once you hit cruise alt set speed to this.)
Climb Rate: 3000@250
Decent Rate: -2300@120nm Before KELHR for 31R, GBUSH for 13L
737-700/-800, Heart or Canyon Blue Livery
Copy FPL @event start time from swa225



Follow SWA225
Use “current time”
No Trolling
Be Realistic

Isn’t .84 just a little fast for a 737?

M.75 goid?

good not goid


On fr24 the flight was 320 knts but I couldnt find a easy way to convert it.

737-800 flys Mach 0.78 cruising same as the 320 family

Ok. I’ll do M.077

Group flight should not have gate attendees.

I keep forgetting

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@Gabe_Z ^^

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MOVED TO TS1.(filler)

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