[Closed] Dublin to Heathrow Event @ EIDW 221000ZAUG19

Just a quick reminder, 28,000ft turns into Mach, 440 knots is ground speed. The AP workx in airspeed. The max you can really do is Mach 0.85

You need to include a list of who is coming somewhere, and it would be helpful for the aircraft too. This route isn’t actually operational from the EGAA.

I suggest you take a look at this:

It is operted via EGAC, by British Airways (A319, A320) and Aer Lingus (A320)
It is also operated from EGAA into EGKK London Gatwick, by Easyjet (A319, A320)
EGAA into EGGW, by Easyjet (A319, A320)
EGAA into EGSS, by Ryanair (B738), and Easyjet (A319)