[CLOSED] Differents runways colours on map/command


Why do the runways appear in green on the map and in the taxi command appear 2 runways in red?

METAR Issues? "Unavailable"

Green runways are landing and take off runways because the wind there Is such that it generates more lift. However that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t land at the red side. The red runways indicate a tailwind which makes it harder for you to land. It is up to you to land at whichever runway you prefer but in real life pilots never land into tailwinds (red runways). On expert server, ATC usually sets ATIS departing and landing runways at the green side. Highly recommend not to land on the red side on expert server or training server for that matter, especially with ATC present unless ATC allows for it.

Assuming you’re on TS, you would preferably want to give taxi orders for planes to taxi to the green side as good practice.


Yes, I understand the meaning of colors (tailwind, crosswind, …). My question is because they appear on the screen in green, and when you use the taxi command appears in other colour. I would like to know if it is a game failure or if there is another reason.
In the photo i uploaded, runways 10 and 16 appears in green, but in taxi command appears in red…


This usually happens when the weather or wind information is down or missing.


Ok, I understand what it could means wind missing. Thank you very much👏👏👏👍👍


I wouldn’t use the word never. There are always exceptions especially in light wind conditions.


Ok, taking off is different then landing. Obviously we don’t want to land in crosswinds if we can help it. Nor do we want to land with a strong tailwind. The reason ur seeing the color ls in because when taking off u can have favorable and unfavorable winds. Taking off u don’t want a cross and you don’t want to strong of a headwind either. So while one runway may appear green for landing it might be red for take off. Also if all runways are green and the unicom shows colors. Then the winds are aloft and u just have to trust ur readings. Hope this helps


thank you for the accuracy of your comment Playr_Mar


🤔 I have been on expert where the ATIS has used “red” runways


I have also seen it, in any case the ATC decides


True I know I have while controlling at Zurich but the tailwind was only about 5 kts. My operations at Zurich are very restrictive tho 🤣🤣🤣 TS


I think it’s good that the ATC is strict, it gives more realism to the game, because many people are not in the techniques of the simulator, what happens is that I do not even want to follow the instructions of the ATC. As the green runway they go there although for the takeoff you see red and the ATC sends them to another one. But many people find it difficult to follow the instructions, when that is part of the simulation game


I know there are many pilots who fear going to “red runways” and will defy ATC. Just because its red doesn’t mean you can’t land on it. I believe a post was made a while back on this topic a while back. If so, some pilots definitely need to take a look at it. If not, from all of us here at IFATC…

Follow our instructions!


What seems to be clear is that in the screenshot that publishes it is advisable to land on all the runways, but only recommended to take off from 2 of them. me in my case, whenever the ATC has done me to take off from a red runway that i did it without disobeying, in these cases sometimes i increased the Vr in 5-10Knots due to the tailwind


This is a very long thread to say:

“Because sometimes glitches like this happen when the METAR is unavailable, as it is in this image.”


understood the matter. Thanks to all for the help👍👍


But when that “glitch” appears. What should I trust? The colors on the runway or the colors in the taxi command to know where I can land?


When the weather is down you can check a website like windy.com for the METARs. Just type in the ICAO for the airport you want to land at in the search bar on the site and it will give you the METARs along with other usefull info.

If you don’t know how to read METARs one, watch/read the #tutorials (search METAR #tutorials). Two, when you’re on windy there is a raw text version and a “translated” version, so when you’re just learning how to read METARs the “translated” version is nice to have.


The first priority is to folow ATC instructions. Another thing you can find is an airport in unicom where all the aircraft use a specific runway to take off, in that case, and even with a deflowering wind, I would land in the same sense of the traffic so as not to disturb the rest of the pilots, always estimating that it may need more distance of runway than normal