[Closed] Destination Saturdays: Paris | presented by AF-KLM VA @ LFPG - 152000ZJUL17

Destination Saturdays: Paris | presented by AF-KLM VA @LFPG 152000ZJUL17

Event Description:
Air France-KLM Virtual Group invites you to the launch of DESTINATION SATURDAYS, a new monthly series dedicated to city hopping and short haul flying to the most interesting locations across the globe.

The first installment of DESTINATION SATURDAYS takes place in none other than the City of Lights, home to AFVA. Join the elite pilots of AF-KLM VA as we embark on a sunset tour of the majestic Paris region. We will depart from Charles De Gaulle Int. (LFPG) and conduct a low-altitude cruise over la Ville Lumière. We will fly along the River Seine as we perform a touch and go at Paris Orly (LFPO), AFVA’s second hub in Paris. After, we will fly a southern route through the Centre-Val de Loire region to our final destination Avord Air Base (LFOA), the second-largest in France.

French fighter jets will intercept our fleet on approach and help us commemorate the inaugural flight by escorting us on final.

Please follow proper procedure and demonstrate quality airmanship at all times.

Event Details:
Server: Casual Server

Region: Paris

Time & Date: 15th July 2017 at 2000z

End: Approximately at 2055Z

NOTAM: The flight plan will be available from myself (Air France 88). Any aircraft in the Air France or KLM fleet may be used. Gates will be assigned to all participants and will be noted below upon receipt of RSVP in the comments section. For AFVA pilots, please include your issued callsigns and indicate the equipment you will fly. For non-AFVA pilots attending, please indicate if you would like to fly with Air France or KLM and you will be issued a callsign. Please use that callsign when you fly the event.

Leg 1 (LFPG-LFPO): After take-off RWY 08L, climb to 5,000ft @220KIAS as we enjoy a scenic cruise over the City of Lights. Descend 20NM out at 210KIAS, intercept ILS RWY 26 at 3,400ft, touch and go

Leg 2 (LFPO-LFOA): After touch and go RWY 26 climb to FL150 @220KIAS. Cruise at 320KIAS. Descend 50NM out at 220KIAS. Intercept RWY 06 at 3,560ft, land at LFOA, taxi to parking and hold for group photograph.

Gate E16: Air France 88 - ODW
Gate E18: Air France 001 - @A-FitzGerald
Gate E20: Air France 010 - @Kenny1238
Gate E22: Air France 206 - PilotA
Gate E24: Air France 201 - @Darth_Sidious
Gate E26: Air France 112 - @John_Ryan
Gate E30: KLM 202 - @747lover
Gate E32: Air France 005 - Luke
Gate E34: Air France 013 - Joshua
Gate E38: KLM 14 - @rohaim_khedr
Gate E1: Air France 203 - @Mohamed_Rashed
Gate E5: Air France 204 - Zeyad Rashed
Gate E9: Air France 205 - Ehman_Mahmoud_Nimi
Gate E13:
Gate E17:
Gate E21:
Gate E25:

JOIN US: Be part of IF’s fastest growing virtual airline group, featuring more planes in our fleet and more routes than any other virtual carrier. Oh, and we have fun together too! Contact @Camr (Head of Recruitment at AF-KLM VA) for info on the benefits of flying with AF-KLM VA and how to submit an application.

See you in the sky!

For more information, visit our website: http://airfranceklm-virtual.weebly.com

“We aim for the future”


I shall be attending this event! May I have a gate please?

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I have you at Gate 10 my friend


Looks great! Will definitely be trying to join in.

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Will come in a B777-300ER (AF003) You already know but just for confirmation!

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Now that is the best VA advertisement poster (whatever it’s called) I’ve ever seen!


This event looks so fun! Can I have a gate? Thanks, I literally cannot wait until this event! I am really looking forward to it :)


Are KLM planes allowed to join in?

@Darth_Sidious thank you! Yes, of course. See above for gate assignment!

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@Will_Haxton yes KLM is part of the AF-KLM virtual group so you may fly any plane with their livery. Let me know if you will join so that I can assign you a gate.

See you there buddy!!

Air France/KLM 14 wants to fly the fighter jet

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Can’t fly the fighter jet, sorry. :/

It states that its only planes in the AF-KLM fleet.

Then just a 777 klm.

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@rohaim_khedr you can be our fighter escort into LFOA

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Joshua we have a fighter escort into LFOA to help commemorate the launch of Destinations saturdays 🤓

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I would love to join in! Also can I please be KLM?

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@747lover we are looking forward to having you join us. You’ve been assigned KLM 202. Gate details above.

@rohaim_khedr you are all set. See you at LFPG!

I need 2 gates for me and my friend

If not so only one please

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It looks interesting I need 2 gates for me and for my friend (if available)

If not then I only need one please