[CLOSED] Destination Saturdays: London | Presented by AF-KLM VA @ EDDL - 142000ZOCT17

Destination Saturdays: London | presented by AF-KLM VA @EDDL 142000ZOCT17


Event Description:
Air France-KLM Virtual Group is Britain-bound for the third installment of DESTINATION SATURDAYS, our monthly series dedicated to city-hopping and short haul-flying to the most interesting locations across the globe.

As the first post-Global Edition of DESTINATION SATURDAYS, DS3: LONDON will take us from The Netherlands across the English Channel to the home of Big Ben. Join the pilots of AF-KLM VA as we embark on a flight from Düsseldorf (EDDL) to London-Heathrow (EGLL).

Please follow proper procedure and demonstrate quality airmanship at all times.

Event Details:
Server: Training Server
Region: Europe
Date: 14th of October 2017
Start Time: 2000z
Flight Time: 50min
End Time: Approximately at 2155z

Flight Details:
Fuel: 16,105kg
Dep Rwy: 23L
TOC: 2200 ft./min @220KIAS underneath FL100. @280KIAS above FL100.
Cruise: FL280 @ 320KIAS
TOD: Begin descent 100NM out. -1800 ft./min @ 210KIAS
Arr Rwy: 27R

NOTAM: The flight plan will be available from myself (KLM 003). Any aircraft and any livery may be used, but we encourage participants to fly using the Air France or KLM livery. Gates will be assigned to all participants and will be noted below upon receipt of RSVP in the comments section. For AF-KLM VA pilots, please include your issued call signs when you RSVP. For non-AF-KLM VA pilots attending, please state clearly what call sign you wish to fly with and use that call sign when you fly the event.

Gate V11A: KLM 003 Heavy – ODW, AF-KLM VA Head of Events
Gate V12: Air France 002 – @Luke AF-KLM VA Deputy President
Gate V14: Air France 106 – @DylanIE
Gate V16: Air France 001 — @Kenny1238 AF-KLM VA President
Gate V17: Air France 773 Heavy — @Troubleshoot
Gate V19: Air France 201– @Chris_Peralez
Gate V20: N14589FE Heavy – @J2S
Gate V22: Air France 148 – @JoelJ
Gate V23: Air France A380 — @Duxford-spitfire
Gate V24: KLM 122 – @William_Boucher
Gate V25: Air France 937 – @Mateus_Araujo
Gate V26: British Airways 1654 – @JaidenSmith
Gate V27: KLM 420 — @Skoop
Gate V28: Air France 101 – @onr2ylmz
Gate V29: KLM 015 — @Jack_IF
Gate V29A: SR 421 – @theabdulrasheed

Be part of IF’s fastest growing virtual airline group, featuring more planes in our fleet and more routes than any other virtual carrier. Oh, and we have fun together too! Visit our official thread for info on the benefits of flying with AF-KLM VA and how to submit an application.


[AF101] requests a gate :)


You’re all set my friend. See you there!

Me too! Another great event Omar!


@Luke all set, bud!


Can I get a gate too please? - AF106

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@DylanIE you are all set! See you there.

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Can I get a gate? KLM420. Cheers.

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@Skoop confirmed. You are all set!

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Dear friend,

May I have a gate :)

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The day global comes out I will be flying over Vegas in my F-22 to pay tribute to the victims


@AryaTheLivingMeme That is very nice of you. I may join you, whenever that may be!

In the meantime, just to clarify, would you like to RSVP/request a gate for “Destination Saturdays: London” on OCT 14 or are you just dropping us a line to let us know about your intended fly-by?

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No sorry can’t take part in the event I haven’t yet purchased London region(I mean what’s the point of buying it now anyways? Global is coming pretty soon)

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May I please have a gate?
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Callsign: AF-101

@Chris_Peralez AF 101 is already taken. How about 201? Or let me know what you prefer?

Sure thing. I can do 201

Is this event open currently? & how do i join?

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@Troubleshoot Yes it is. I’ll assign you to a gate. What’s your callsign?

American 789 heavy unless there is a requested aircraft/livery i can change accordingly

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Done. You are free to fly your desired livery and callsign. We look forward to flying with you next week!

(Edit: sic)